NURBN3031 Nursing Essay-Federation University Australia.

This assessment task has relevance for your future as a registered nurse. As a practicing registered nurse, your role will include leading and managing others effectively in a variety of situations and within your professional scope of practice. Providing leadership to others during various clinical situations and environments requires a sound understanding of the various theoretical and practical approaches to leadership.
NURBN3031 Nursing Essay-Federation University Australia.

NURBN3031 Nursing Essay-Federation University Australia.

In this assessment students will be required to write a 2000-word essay (+/- 10

Professional Purpose of the Essay
The Australian NSQHS Quality and Safety Standards are inherent in the provision of patient care and you as a registered nurse will be responsible for ensuring care is given to those standards.

The essay question is:
Critically analyse and discuss how the registered nurse as team leader uses various leadership styles (minimum 3 styles) to achieve quality care. Consider how those leadership styles impact care delegation, teaching and leading others to ensure quality standards are achieved. Identify and describe the RN Standards of Practice (2016) in relation to each of the following three NSQHS standards; 2,3 & 6 as demonstrated through teaching and leading to ensure quality patient care.

Time Allocation: Students should allocate approximately 50 hours total to ensure timely and successful completion of this task.

Referencing and research:
Students are required to access a wide variety of peer reviewed databases, journals and textbooks on nursing leadership,management, and clinical practice to inform their essay. Students may also consider other appropriate resources from scholarly disciplines such as business, health, psychology, and education literature. Students are required to use American Psychological Association (APA) 7th edition referencing throughout their essay. Student should have more than 15 relevant peer reviewed and
current (last 7 years) reference sources cited throughout the assignment for scoring highly in that section of the marking rubric.Seminal pieces of literature by founding theorists can be used but must be contextualised as such and they are not counted as part of the number of references. Students should refer to the marking rubric/guide on Moodle for further details and requirements when writing this essay.

NURBN3031 Nursing Essay-Federation University Australia.

NURBN3031 Nursing Essay-Federation University Australia.

The essay needs to be planned according to the marking criteria, being well structured, double spaced and written with Australian English grammar conventions with your computer set on Australian English to enable you to correctly edit your spelling, punctuation and grammar. For help with writing essays please refer to the study help on Moodle and utilise STUDIOSITY, CHECKMATE, ASK and PASS programs which have been provided by the university for all students.

Assessment Task Marking Rubric:
The marking rubric will be used to assess and grade your essay and will be the method of providing feedback. You will also be given feedback within the essay. To ensure integrity, a sample of essays will be graded by the teaching team through a process called ‘moderation’. Moderation ensures fairness and quality of assessing and grading student work and provides consistency between multiple markers across the three campuses. Marking Rubric is available on Moodle.

The rubric is marked out of 80marks. As this task is worth 40% of your overall grade, half of the result received for this task will be your
overall mark for this task. E.g. if you score 70/80 in the rubric then your marks contributing to 40% of your overall grade for this assessment will be 35.

The essay will need to be submitted via the appropriate Turnitin link on Moodle and uploaded as PDF file document. Do not compress or lock your document. The essay needs to follow the university guidelines in formatting with a cover page, with your name student number, assignment title, course name and code, due date and word count. The font should be in Times Roman size 12 and double spaced (this is important for the eye/neck safety of academic staff marking and so we can clearly write feedback into your essays).Ensure you submit the essay at least 72 hours prior to due date to allow time for any amendments required according to your Turnitin
score and so you can resubmit by the due date and time.

NURBN3031 Nursing Essay-Federation University Australia.

NURBN3031 Nursing Essay-Federation University Australia.

The university views plagiarism seriously and current Australian Copyright laws legislate against the intentional copying or use of another author’s work without due citation (which is in line with university policy which may lead to exclusion from your degree). It is your professional responsibility to ensure correct referencing according to APA standards and to ensure you have paraphrased well and written your essay accordingly.

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