10200 Digital Diversity Presentation Assignment – Australia.

Subject Code & Title : 10200 Digital Diversity Presentation
Assessment Type : Assignment
Length : 10 slides (Including cover slide and reference slide. Animations transitions cannot be used to
create more content per slide) 5-minute recording.
Weighting : 40%
Subject learning outcomes addressed : 1,2,3
10200 Digital Diversity Presentation Assignment – Australia.

10200 Digital Diversity Presentation Assignment - Australia.

*Structures and supports are defined as: Any government or privately funded healthcare structure or initiative and any community organisations or programs. For the purposes of this assessment this is not to include unpaid family or friends or other informal supports.

Assessment title Digital Diversity Presentation :
In order to explore facilitating the autonomy of diverse older adults in health contexts,students are invited to choose a diverse ageing population (E.g. First Nations People,LGBTIQA+, Refugees……) and create a presentation investigating healthy ageing in this specific population.This presentation should include structures and supports* available to this population which may be local, state or national initiatives. These structures and supports are to be based in the Australian context.
10200 Digital Diversity Presentation Assignment – Australia.

Task description : The presentation must address all the following points:
• What are the unique challenges faced by this specific diverse population, and how might these be relevant to people’s health as they age (cultural, spiritual, psychological, social and physiological health)?
• What is the importance of the ageing person’s role in determining their own life and health context?
• What services and initiatives (not for profit, NGO, government, private, other) are in place to address the challenges that might be experienced by this specific diverse ageing population?
• How can nurses advocate for older consumers to ensure they have choice in relation to these services initiatives?

Assessment Criteria :
A detailed marking rubric and assignment overview will be provided on the canvas site at the commencement of the semester

10200 Digital Diversity Presentation Assignment - Australia.

10200 Digital Diversity Presentation Assignment – Australia.

Referencing style APA 7th edition.

Submission Your presentation needs to be submitted through Canvas. Presentation needs to be a
narrated Power Point presentation. You are required to provide a transcript of your audio in a word file.

Please see the video below for instructions on how to submit a video assessment in canvas.For additional enquiries and support students are encouraged to make a !me to meet an.

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