NSG2PHN Primary Health Care Nursing Assignment – Australia

Subject Code & Title :- NSG2PHN Primary Health Care Nursing
Assessment Type :- Assignment
Word Count :- 1500 Words +/- 10%
Weighting :- 30%
Part A :- Nurses’ Role in Primary Health Care (PHC)
From the Australian Community Health settings out lined in subject content or discovered in your own research ie: Correctional Services Nurse, School Nurse Women’s Health Nurse Maternal and Child Health Nurse Community Mental health nurse, etc):
NSG2PHN Primary Health Care Nursing Assignment – Australia

NSG2PHN Primary Health Care Nursing Assignment - Australia

1. Select one (1) Primary Health Care Nursing role of interest to you and describe the purpose and responsibilities of this role.

2.Explain the importance of this nursing role in achieving the Primary Health Care outcomes at the individual community and policy level. Include in-text referencing to relevant literature to support ideas and discussion.

Part B

Health Promotion and Education weighting 30%

Nurses play a significant role in health promotion disease prevention and changing the health behaviour of individuals and communities.

• Select one (1) health promotion resource from those provided in the Assessment Resources folder in the subject LMS) that could be used to support consumer/s health education or literacy.
• Please include in-text referencing that are relevant and credible literature to support your ideas and discussion.

Address the following requirements:
1.Describe the intended consumer group for this resource.
2.Outline the intended purpose of the resource.
3.Discuss the suitability of the resource for the intended consumer/s supporting your points/argument making use of the relevant literature.
4.Analyze and Discuss the strengths AND limitations of the design and content of the chosen education resource and how effectively the information is communicated to the intended consumer group.

Refer to the ‘Brief List of Suggested Reference Sources for use in Part B’ in the Assessment Resources on LMS as a starting point when formulating and supporting your response

Suggested Format
Use your own template or See APA 7 Exemplar in Subject LMS
Include a title page showing:
• Student name
• Student number
• Subject
• Campus

NSG2PHN Primary Health Care Nursing Assignment – Australia

NSG2PHN Primary Health Care Nursing Assignment - Australia

Part A: Nurse’s Role in Primary Health Care – suggested structure.
• Brief introduction to the whole assignment.
• PHC role (200 words)
• Explanation of Importance

Part B: Health Promotion and Education – suggested structure
• Brief description of chosen Health Education resource
• Intended consumer
• Intended purpose
• Suitability
• Strengths and limitations

Use of headings & sub-headings is required
Follow APA 7 referencing guidelines
Include a Reference List; on a new page with a hanging indent (if you don’t know how to… google it please)

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