NIJRBN3034 Nursing Research Assessment – Australia

Word Count: should be no more than 500 words in length +/-10% (including in text citations)
Format: Power Point E-Poster saved as a PDF – please utilise the additional resources on Moodie to help with slide size design and file saving.
NIJRBN3034 Nursing Research Assessment – Australia

NIJRBN3034 Nursing Research Assessment - Australia

Purpose :
The purpose of this learning task is to choose one of the following global health issues that under the right conditions has or is likely to have a significant impact on the health and well being of people and communities living in Australia. You will also highlight a relevant Australian Health Policy that aims to address the global health issue you have chosen.

Description :
In this assignment students are required to:
Working in groups of two (2), you will research and critically examine one of the below contemporary Global Health Issues (GHI) in Australia. Choose ONE specific Global Health Issue (GHI) using this list for suggestions:
• Non-Communicable Disease such as Obesity, Cancer, Cardiovascular disease etc
• Communicable Diseases such as Hepatitis HIV whooping cough Influenza Meningococcal disease, COVID-19 etc
• Injury and Violence such as domestic violence, elder abuse etc
• Mental Health such as Depression, Self-harm etc
• Drug and/or Alcohol Abuse

With in your E-Poster you need to display:
Introduction: this should address why this health issue is of global significance.
• Modifiable and/or Non-Modifiable Risk factors for the health issue and/or risk factors that can influence the spread.
• Impact of the health issue on the individual (for example physical, emotional and socio economic impacts)
• Challenges in managing the health issue in the individual (location financial engagement etc)
• Strategies to prevent and manage this health issue in the individual.

NIJRBN3034 Nursing Research Assessment – Australia
NIJRBN3034 Nursing Research Assessment - Australia

• Use the E-Poster Design Tips outline to help you create an interesting representation of your chosen GHI. You should use less text and more visual representation of information including pictures and graphs. Links to video or audio clips must be no longer 2-3 minutes and should complement your own discussion not replace it. Consider your use of colour/ back grounds to complement (not detract) from your design to engage the reader.

Referencing should be included using APA 7th Edition guidelines. It is expected that the students use primarily peer reviewed sources for referencing. For this assessment and to support your findings you are to use at least 7 peer-reviewed references in your paper. Your Reference list can be added to a separate slide. In text citations for text and graphics used must be on the main poster.

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