MRD403 Management of Rooms Division Assignment 1 – Australia.

Subject Code and Title :- MRD403 Management of Rooms Division
Assessment :- Individual Business Report and Mind Map
Individual/Group :- Individual
Length :- 1,000 words (+/‐ 10%)
Weighting :- 20%
MRD403 Management of Rooms Division Assignment 1 – Australia.

MRD403 Management of Rooms Division Assignment 1 - Australia.

Learning Outcomes :-
The Subject Learning Outcomes demonstrated by successful completion of the task below include:

a) Evaluate critical components of service quality and guest experience in a room’s division context.

Assessment Task :-
You are the Rooms Division Manager of a fictional hotel and have been tasked by your Hotel General Manager (GM) to write a business case on the development of a new position within your department. You will research, by using minimum five (5) credible references and expand on the reasoning for having this new position. It may already be a known position within a Rooms Division Department however you shall assume that your fictional hotel does not have this position. Your academically supported results and findings shall be presented to your GM in the way of a business report (750 words) and by using a mind map

Please refer to the Instructions for details on how to complete this task.

Context :-
A critical component of Rooms Division operations is the management of guest service the engagement of the team members and the quality of the room product. Having the right staff in the right roles completing all necessary tasks leads to operational excellence in both the guest experience journey and staff satisfaction.

Your GM has requested you to present a business case on adding an additional supervisory or management position that does not exist in your hotel currently (however may commonly exist in the industry and present this in a business report and mind map, showing the tasks this position would complete.

Hotels operate better when all guests and staff have a dedicated manager for their operational needs. When hotels stretch their management team’s responsibilities they may save wages in the short term however it may also create poor service standards for guests staff turnover or poor work culture.

This assessment assists your learning by developing skills in critical analysis and strategic thinking. It
requires you a Rooms Division Manager to write a business report addressed to your GM based on your analysis and suggestions of a new supervisory or management rooms division position for your hotel. Included in the report should be a mind map providing a visual diagram of your recommended tasks for this new manager.

MRD403 Management of Rooms Division Assignment 1 – Australia.

Instructions :-

1.Decide on the Rooms Division role that needs to be created the position can currently exist in the industry then academically research reasons to support your business case for this role’s creation.
This role is strictly to be in the room division department not any other department in the hotel.

2.Your business report (750 words) should include the following headings:
1.Torrens University Australia Cover Sheet
2. Executive Summary – overall summary of the report
3. Table of Contents – with page number
4. Introduction – including brief overview of the new role proposed and the reason for its creation (e.g., enhance the guest experience or team culture, etc.)
5. Discussion – providing a thorough reasoning for the position’s creation and need in the department based on both academic and industry research Ensure you discuss your current circumstance of the hotel and why the integration of the theoretical perspectives relating to both service quality and staff engagement in the Rooms Division department Your mind map shall brain storm the tasks necessary for this position to be completed and be the responsibilities the role holds
6. Conclusion – providing a brief summary of the report showing your suggestions to your General Manager
7. Reference list – with a minimum of five (5) relevant and credible references
8. Appendix – including your mind map of tasks for the newly created position

3.Your mind map (250 words) is a visual device used to brainstorm thoughts organically with out worrying about order and structure. It allows you to visually structure your ideas to help with analysis and recall.
N.B.: There are several free platforms that provide mind map templates including Canva. com and

MRD403 Management of Rooms Division Assignment 1 – Australia.

4. Organise your mind map with the tasks needing to be completed by the new supervisor or manager by identifying the main duties and linking each potential task to those duties. For a few ideas on how to get started take out a sheet of paper and try following the steps below:

i. Identify the position. List the main duties of the position.
ii. Create a graphic organiser related to these duties and connect tasks to these main duties.
iii. Go through lecture notes readings and any other resources to support theoretical knowledge.
iv. Focus on how standards and theoretical frameworks are related to each other.

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