FIT5057 Project Management Assignment 1 – Australia.

Subject Code & Title :- FIT5057 Project Management
Assignment Type :- Assignment 1
Assignment 1 Objectives : This formative assignment assesses students capacity to research critically read and review project management (PM) literature and apply critical thinking and writing techniques to respond to PM related questions.
FIT5057 Project Management Assignment 1 – Australia.

FIT5057 Project Management Assignment 1 - Australia.

These capabilities help students acquire baseline employ ability skills that can be applied in PM work especially in project planning.

FIT5057 has 3 learning outcomes which are fulfilled via 3 assignments contributing to the development of 3 core PM capabilities. How this assignments learning experience help students develop these 3 capabilities is summarised as follows:

FIT5057 Project Management Assignment 1 - Australia.

101 introduction to Critical Thinking: The Bloom Taxonomy diagram (Armstrong 2010) given below illustrates Critical Thinking skills/techniques:

FIT5057 Project Management Assignment 1 - Australia.

These techniques are mixed and bundled to provide an appropriate logical thinking process flow to problem solve a given task such as this assignment. Read the Armstrong (2010) article to find out more.

Once you have actively engaged in critical thinking the next step is to document the thoughts which will require you to apply analytical writing methods and techniques to express these critical thoughts in an easy-to-read manner. When documenting critical thoughts the sequence of thinking is not necessarily the same as the sequence or structure of writing.This is a common mistake students make which can complicate their writing.

The Assignment Brief

Context for the brief:

Agile approaches in software development are marketed to help software development project teams better meet user needs and accommodate user requirement and technology application changes which cannot always be predicted.The reality is that agile software development can go pear shaped for a number of reasons. Wiesche discovered interactions between team members can cause interruptions in projects that hinder employee productivity.

Relevant tasks and notes:
1.Read the Weisches journal paper and summarize the key sections and underpinning highlights of the discussion.

2.There are 10 knowledge areas that makeup the taxonomy of PM knowledge Research these ten knowledge areas; and summarize relevant and cited information that identify the mitigation strategies for controlling the different types of interruptions identified in the Wiesches paper and provide a discussion on what you have identified.

FIT5057 Project Management Assignment 1 – Australia.

3.Also research what other interruptions can occur, and which PM knowledge area/s can provide insights in detecting and controlling these additional interruptions.

Important note: Make sure all the 10 knowledge areas are applied in managing all the interruptions discussed in your paper.

3.Summary of Research Findings

3.1. Taxonomy of PM Knowledge Areas

FIT5057 Project Management Assignment 1 - Australia.
FIT5057 Project Management Assignment 1 - Australia.

3.2 Weische’s Interruptions’ Mitigation Strategies

3.3. Other Interruptions (At least 7)

3.4. Other Interruptions’ Mitigation Strategies

4.Conclusion (1/2 – 1 page)
4.1. Conclude with a clear listing of mitigation recommendations and summary statements
4.2. Close with a problem resolution statement that is clearly linked to the report purpose you put forward in the opening of this report.

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