EDU5335 Emotional And Behavioural Problems of Children Assignment – Australia.

Subject Code & Title :- EDU5335 Emotional And Behavioural Problems of Children
Assessment Type : Assignment
Weighting : 50%
Length: 3000 (excluding the reference list and appendices)
Overview and Purpose : This assignment requires students to compose a research and practice paper for a selected emotional/behavioural challenge that children or adolescents may experience. The purpose of the assignment is to provide you with the opportunity to develop in-depth knowledge of a condition, and to develop practical knowledge about including students with such challenges in a selected context.
EDU5335 Emotional And Behavioural Problems of Children Assignment – Australia.

EDU5335 Emotional And Behavioural Problems of Children Assignment - Australia.

The structure of the assignment will require the integration of credible literature with a discussion of implications for practice in a selected context. Selecting credible information (review of research) is an important research skill to develop –strategies for selecting literature will be discussed in the assignment tutorial.

Student Choice :-
Due to the diversity of interests, contexts and professional goals of students enrolled in this course, this assignment provides students with the opportunity to:
✓ Select the condition of interest to them
✓ Select the age range (early childhood, childhood, adolescence, emerging adulthood)
✓ Select the context for the practice (e.g., school, counselling setting)

The following section headings should be used when preparing your assignment:

1.Introduction (identifying the focus condition, age range, and context)

2.Description of selected condition (synthesis of information for the specified age group)
a. Characteristics of disorder
b. Prevalence
c. Causes
d. Evaluate the impact on individual development and functioning (e.g., social,communication; behavioural, emotional, physiological and cognitions etc).
e. Evaluate the impact on education, learning and presentation in the classroom
f. Cultural and other relevant considerations

EDU5335 Emotional And Behavioural Problems of Children Assignment – Australia.

3.Assessment of selected condition (synthesis of information about best practice for assessment)
a. Diagnosis of condition (e.g., diagnostic process and methods, specialists required,concerns about the diagnostic process)
b. Evaluation of the process of assessment within individual development (e.g.,various assessment methods and processes, case formulation/conceptualisation,assessment of risk and protective factors, ecological perspective etc)
c. Evaluation of the identification and assessment of this condition specifically within an educational context

4.Description and analysis of specific intervention/support strategies (synthesis of information about best practice, evidence-based interventions)
a. Evaluate the best evidence-based practice interventions available for this condition at this developmental stage.
b. What developmental issues/challenges do the strategies address?
c. How and when are the strategies implemented? By whom? Where? At what age are the strategies most effective?
d. What evidence-based strategies can specifically be applied in an educational context?
e. What is the efficacy of the strategies? Note – you must evaluate the evidence base for each strategy discussed

EDU5335 Emotional And Behavioural Problems of Children Assignment – Australia.

5.Implications for professional practice
a. Develop a two-page handout for professionals in your context (e.g., counsellors,teachers, mental health practitioners) about the selected condition. The handout should include a summary of information from the above sections 2, 3, & 4, and may include information about useful resources for practice (e.g., resources that contain advice for family members and teachers). Note: this handout is NOT included in the word count.

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