STAT1103/STAX1103 Research Report Assignment Macquarie University Australia

Assignment Sheet:
For your research report assessment task, you are to write up an empirical, quantitative psychology study as if you were the researcher who conducted it. The structure and requirements of this report align with the APA guidelines for writing research reports (as found in the APA Publication Manual).
STAT1103/STAX1103 Research Report Assignment Macquarie University Australia

STAT1103/STAX1103 Research Report Assignment Macquarie University Australia

This document will provide you with the details you need to write up your research report. Your tutorial time will work through some of this content. Your job for the research report is to write this up in proper psychology report format: you cannot copy and paste this content into your report!

Have a good read through this document, as well as all the Research Report Resources (posted on i Learn). You also need to consult the APA manual. You will also be given a dataset (via i Learn),containing the data obtained from the study.

Starter References
Aschwanden, D., Strickhouser, J. E., Sesker, A. A., Lee, J. H., Luchetti, M., Stephan, Y., Sutin, A. R., & Terraccia no, A. (2020). Psychological and behavioural responses to Corona r virus Disease 2019:The role of personality. European Journal of Personality, 35(1), 51-66.

Bogg, T., & Milad, E. (2020). Demographic, personality, and social cognition correlates of corona virus guideline adherence in a U.S. sample. Health Psychology, 39(12), 1026–1036.

Browne, M., Thomson, P., Rock l off, M. J., & Penny cook, G. (2015). Going against the herd:Psychological and cultural factors underlying the ‘vaccination confidence gap’. P Lo S ONE, 10(9),

Liao, Q., Cowling, B. J., Lam, W. W. T., & Fielding, R. (2011). Factors affecting intention to receive and self-reported receipt of 2009 pandemic (H 1 N 1) vaccine in Hong Kong: A longitudinal study. P Lo S ONE, 6(3), Article e 17713.

Verger, P., & Dube, E. (2020). Restoring confidence in vaccines in the COVID-19 era. Expert Review of Vaccines, 19(11), 991-993.

You should read all these papers as part of your research report preparation (find them on Legan to).You may cite all these papers in your report, but you don’t have to. You also need to find more papers to read and cite in your report. There is NO set (nor a set minimum / maximum) number of papers to read and cite!!

Research question
Are personality traits related to intention to get the Covid-19 vaccine?
Note: “Personality traits” is a broad term that encompasses many different traits or dispositions(you’ll learn about these when you study personality psychology!). Most commonly, personality is broadly represented by 5 individual traits: (1) extra version (being sociable and outgoing, the opposite of which is introversion); (2) agreeableness (friendliness, warmth, being easy to get along with); (3) openness to experience (being open-minded and curious); (4) conscientiousness (having good attention to detail, being a hard worker, methodical); and (5) emotional stability (being level,
controlled, regularly experiencing positive emotions; the opposite of which is neuroticism). If you haven’t come across these terms before, we suggest that you do a general internet (e.g. Google) search to become familiar with them.

Greater intention to get the covid vaccine will be related to (a) higher agreeableness, (b) higher openness to experience, (c) higher extra version, (d) higher conscientiousness, and (e) higher emotional stability.

Note: the research question and hypotheses are the only things from this document that CAN (and should!) be copied and pasted word-for-word into your report.

STAT1103/STAX1103 Research Report Assignment Macquarie University Australia

STAT1103/STAX1103 Research Report Assignment Macquarie University Australia

You will receive access to a dataset posted on i Learn during Week 3. You will need to summarise and analyse the data in order to present the relevant content for the methods and results of your report.
Each student will be randomly allocated to a version of the data file (there are multiple versions) so that each student’s results will be slightly different. You must write up the results from YOUR version of the data file.

The dataset that you will receive will contain the data obtained from the study.


  • Sample is constituted of 200 Australian adults from all states and territories
  • Recruited via flyers in GP clinics, social media marketing, and invitation letters mailed to participants from electoral roll records. 1000 Australians were contacted in total and invited to participate
  • The demographic information you have about each participant is their gender, age, and the number of people in their household (including themselves)

Study Design and Materials:

  • A cross-sectional survey study using a correlational design
  • Survey took approximately 5 minutes to complete
  • 5 independent variables: 5 personality traits (extra version, emotional stability, openness to experience, agreeableness, conscientiousness), all measured using the 10-item Personality Inventory (TIPI); see p5 of this document for this measure
  • Dependent variable: self-reported intention to vaccinate, the same as Sherman et al.’s (2020) study. Participants were asked a single question: “how likely would you be to have a COVID-19 vaccination when the vaccination becomes available to you?” on an eleven-point scale, ranging from “extremely unlikely” (0) to “extremely likely” (10).

STAT1103/STAX1103 Research Report Assignment Macquarie University Australia

You’ll need to conduct your own data analysis (from your dataset) to provide the results of the study. The results section of your report should include both descriptive summary statistics and also the results of hypothesis testing from statistical analyses (that you’ll need to conduct yourself).

Formatting and writing guidelines

  • Follow the APA Publication Manual (7th Edition)
  • Use Times New Roman font in size 12 point
  • Each half-report submission should be a maximum of 750 words (total excluding the title page, abstract, and reference list, but including in-text citations)
    o Part 1 should contain a title page, introduction, method, and reference list
    o Part 2 should contain a title page, abstract, results, discussion, and reference list
    o The title of the report may change between Part 1 and Part 2 if you wish
    o You can go up to an extra 100 words over the limit (i.e. up to 850 words) without penalty, but anything over that will be penalised (see below)


  • A penalty of 20% of the earned mark per day (or part day, which includes weekends and public holidays) will be applied to late assignments (if special consideration has not been granted). For example, if an assignment is submitted 25 hours late, its mark will attract a penalty equal to 40% of the earned mark. No submissions will be accepted after 2 days, and a mark of 0% will be awarded.
  • A penalty of 5% of the maximum mark will be deducted for every additional 100 words over the limit. You can write up to 100 words over the limit (i.e. up to 850 words) without penalty, but every additional 100 words after that will be penalised.

Submission instructions
The research report must be submitted electronically via the Turnitin link on i Learn. Turnitin is anti-plagiarism software that will compare your paper to your classmates’ papers, papers from previous students at Macquarie University and other universities, as well as to ALL material on the Internet(e.g., the articles you will be citing, miscellaneous websites, etc.). You should take note of the similarity index of their report when it is uploaded (note that it can take up to 24 hours for the Turnitin report to be processed).

You can delete and re-upload their report up until the report deadline. You should be aware that i Learn and Turnitin can lag when large numbers of students are uploading documents at the same time. Submission time for assignments will be counted as the time the assessment was received, not
the time the uploading began. Because of this, make sure you don’t leave your submission to 4:55 pm the day it is due! Late penalties will strictly be applied to assignments that are received after the due time.

To submit to Turnitin:
1.Locate and click on the Research Report Submission link on the i Learn site.
2.Click the “submit paper” link/icon.
3.The Submission Title should be your student ID number and your surname. For example,41234567_Smith
4.You can upload files in two ways: (a) drag and drop the file from your computer or (b) click the folder icon and navigate to where in your computer the file is located. Note that either text (e.g. .doc or .docx) and PDF files are accepted. (You are strongly advised to save your report as a PDF, and check formatting, BEFORE uploading the PDF to Turnitin!)
5.A receipt will be generated and emailed to you.
6.After the file is uploaded, you should check the submission to ensure it is the correct one (and check the formatting has remained as it should). The submitted file will be marked as submitted. If you upload the incorrect file by mistake or there is an error in the file as uploaded, it is your responsibility to identify this and correct it before the deadline. Late
penalties will not be waived if you only discover this after the deadline has passed.

STAT1103/STAX1103 Research Report Assignment Macquarie University Australia

Academic Integrity
This assessment task must be completed independently and be your own work only. This includes the writing of the report and the data analysis required. You must write up the results from your version of the data file; markers will be checking and penalties will be applied if you have not
presented results from your own dataset. Presenting the results of someone else’s dataset can be considered academic misconduct and may result in in a misconduct investigation. Similarly, presenting someone else’s work as your own; colluding; lack of appropriate referencing and paraphrasing: these are all considered academic misconduct and may result in proceedings and severe penalties. You have all completed the Academic Integrity Module and therefore should be aware of what appropriate academic conduct is.

STAT1103/STAX1103 Research Report Assignment Macquarie University Australia

STAT1103/STAX1103 Research Report Assignment Macquarie University Australia

This assessment task has been deliberately split into two parts in order to help you! You will get detailed feedback on Part 1 of your report, designed to help you improve for Part 2. Even though the sections of the report in Part 1 are different to Part 2, there are more similarities than differences
across the two submissions, including clarity of expression; formatting, citations, and referencing;structured argument; use of guiding theory; and so on. Ensure you carefully read through Part 1 feedback and take it on board to improve for Part 2! Part 1 deliberately contributes to a smaller part of your grade (15%) compared to Part 2 (25%) for this reason, to give you an opportunity to use the feedback and improve. When assessing Part 2 of your report, your marker will be looking back at the feedback given in Part 1 to see how well you’ve used it and improved as a result.

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