SRT757 Building Systems And Environment Assignment – Australia

Subject Code & Title :- SRT757 Building Systems And Environment
Assessment Type :- Individual
Brief description of assessment task:
This assessment task requires students to pre-retrofit and post-retrofit acoustic analyses of an existing call centre.
This task assesses your achievement of the following Unit Learning Outcome(s):
• ULO1: Understand thermal, visual, and aural environmental principles.
• ULO2 Develop individual skills and expertise in order to contribute to team work.
SRT757 Building Systems And Environment Assignment – Australia

Acoustics includes both desirable and undesirable sounds. As listeners, we experience a wide variety of sounds in our environment. To a degree we can ignore undesirable sounds but there is some level above which we can not ignore undesirable sounds which we usually term noise Noise may include the sounds
of vehicular traffic mechanical systems slamming doors foot steps conversations between other person
and even music to which we are not sympathetic. The interior acoustic environment is more complex than
the exterior because it is associated with a greater variety of activities with in an enclosed space. To improve the acoustic environment a systematic evaluation must be conducted to understand the acoustic condition.

This task requires students to evaluate subjective and objective the acoustics environment of an existing call centre located on the second floor east side of a four-storey building The call centre is an open plan
space type and there have been several acoustics complaints raised by the call centre employees.

Acoustics problems in commercial buildings are known to have a significant impact on employees productivity and well being.Therefore the employer is keen to resolve the acoustics problem to enhance
employees productivity and well being. You have been contracted as a building acoustics consultant to
identify the causes of the acoustics problems and provide solutions to avert the problems. Your analysis
should take into consideration the function of the space and its expectations of acoustic performance.

Students are to use the drawings and graphs provided at the end of this assessment brief to facilitate the acoustic analysis and evaluation in this assignment. All acoustics data needed should be extracted from the graphs provided

SRT757 Building Systems And Environment Assignment – Australia

As part of your contract, you are required to prepare a PowerPoint style report that includes the following:

In this section students will introduce the function of the space and expected acoustics performance attributes. Additionally students will identify the acoustics problems to be resolved and applicable local and international standards.

2.Pre-retrofit evaluation: In this section, students will be required to:
• Critically analyse the call centre space and identify relevant acoustics problems and provide supporting evidence from applicable standards and other sources to justify identified problems. Key supporting calculations graphs and tables must be included in this section. Problem identification should cover all key acoustics aspects including reverberation time back ground noise speech privacy speech intelligibility articulation index materials sources of noise, and layout/seating arrangement.
• Clearly state a proposed solution based on the problem identified for each aspect of acoustics mentioned above.

3. Post retrofit evaluation:
In this section students will be required to demonstrate potential acoustics improvements that may result from implementing the proposed solution stated in the preretrofit evaluation section. Students are required to use a combination of graphics i.e., graphs and diagrams tables and text to demonstrate acoustics improvement. To logically demonstrate acoustics improvement students will need to include both preretrofit and post-retrofit analysis in their graphics tables and text. This section should point out the benefits that will be realised from solving each of the acoustics problems in the call centre. Remember to refer to applicable standards.

SRT757 Building Systems And Environment Assignment – Australia

This assignment requires students to prepare and submit a Power Point style report using the template and indicative examples that will be provided as a guide. Although the assignment is in a PowerPoint style the submission must be a PDF file.

Figure 1 – Front view of project building

SRT757 Building Systems And Environment Assignment - Australia
SRT757 Building Systems And Environment Assignment - Australia
SRT757 Building Systems And Environment Assignment - Australia

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