SRQ762 Cost Planning Assignment-Deakin University Australia.

The purpose of this assignment is to enable students to analyse the influence of design decision making on a given project.
subject Code&title: SRQ762 Cost Planning
SRQ762 Cost Planning Assignment-Deakin University Australia.

SRQ762 Cost Planning Assignment-Deakin University Australia.


You are the cost planner of a proposed “three-star serviced apartments” project to be constructed in Perth CBD. The project is still at the briefing stage and some major decisions have to be made in the coming weeks.

There are THREE Schemes being considered. You have been given the responsibility to make sure that the design team is aware of the total costs of the three alternatives being considered for this new project.

The client is cost conscious but is prepared to invest more capital costs into the building if it shows a longer term saving or better value.

Notes on Design

  • The three schemes have the same gross floor area
  • All dimensions are external measurements and are in millimetres
  • Drawings are not to scale

1.Which of the cost planning stages (stage A, B, C or D) is the most important stage in the whole construction process of the project? Support your view with arguments and try to use some examples to support your discussion

SRQ762 Cost Planning Assignment-Deakin University Australia.

SRQ762 Cost Planning Assignment-Deakin University Australia.

2.Prepare indicative costs for the three schemes taking into account the preliminary information provided above. Provide this as part of a report to the client and your report should include a covering letter, introduction and concluding recommendations, with reasons and rationale for the most cost effective scheme

3.Discuss and analyse the critical factors that could influence the cost advice you are going to provide to the client of the above project

Scheme A
6 storey “three-star serviced apartments”

Scheme B
6 storey “three-star serviced apartments”

6 storey “three-star serviced apartments”

Further Information:
Use the “superficial method” of estimating to calculate the cost of the proposals. Select an appropriate rate per square metre for each of the schemes. The rate must take into account the information that you
already have or can assume at this early stage. Use a local source for this information, which may be your own office data, data from a published source such as Rawlinson’s Australian Construction Handbook, AIQS Building Economist, Cordell’s Building Price Book or from a similar project. Cite these sources and state any assumptions made in your submission.

The indicative cost must also include for the following:

  • Updating of source costs to present date (August 2021)
  • Allowance for escalation to tender award date of December 2021
  • Allowance for escalation to completion date of December 2022
  • External works and services
  • Contingencies
  • Professional fees
  • Any other costs appropriate for this type of building in this location
  • Exclusion items that are excluded from the cost estimate.

Students shall work individually.
The assignment is to be submitted in a report format and as such should have a formal structure and layout. It should be presented as a neat, tidy and professional electronic document of no more than 2000 words excluding the estimate itself.

This assignment should be presented a single PDF document.

The report should be your own work. You are particularly reminded not to repeat the assignment brief within the report.

SRQ762 Cost Planning Assignment-Deakin University Australia.

SRQ762 Cost Planning Assignment-Deakin University Australia.

All students MUST submit completed assignments into the designated Assignment Dropbox on Cloud Deakin for this unit.

All submissions Should have a cover sheet identifying the unit the date and the student name

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