SPO301 Health And Advocacy Strategies Assignment – Australia

Subject Code and Title :- SPO301 Health and Advocacy Strategies
Assessment :- Critical Reflection
Individual/Group :- Individual
Length :- 1,800 words (+/- 10 %)
Weighting :- 40%
SPO301 Health And Advocacy Strategies Assignment – Australia

SPO301 Health And Advocacy Strategies Assignment - Australia

Learning Outcomes :-
This assessment addresses the following learning outcomes :
a) Critically evaluate the changing nature of sport and the impact that professional sport has on building
awareness and promoting public health particularly community health.
b) Research the use of illicit and hazardous substances in sport and based on research make ethical judgements as to how this should be regulated and to what degree.
c) Reflect and evaluate the impact that sport currently has on mental health issues and determine based on research what role if any sport should play.
d) Develop and implement a sports initiative or program that advocates for improved health outcomes for a specified group in society or for a mental health condition.
e) Demonstrate leadership and collaborative skills to perform effectively in a team to achieve a community health outcome for a specified group in society or for a mental health condition.

Context :-
Assessment Purpose :
The purpose of this assignment is to assess your ability to evaluate approaches and trends in the areas of athlete mental health and mental toughness. Commentary has traditionally portrayed athletes as being resilient tough and able to deal with any and all challenges both on and off the field. How ever in recent years we have seen a growing number of athletes publicly detailing their challenges with mental health and openly speaking about issues such as addiction and suicide.

SPO301 Health And Advocacy Strategies Assignment – Australia

In this assignment you are required to research and critically analyse the varying points of view to inform those working in sports professional practice to either continue with their current strategies or change them based on your findings.

Your research needs to cover ‘latest thinking’ and journal articles need to have been published within the last 5 years. For this assessment you will be required to use a minimum of 10 journal articles to be sourced from online databases from the Laureate library.

Assessment Details
According to Gucciardi Hanton and Fleming (2017) the psychological aspects of elite athlete health and performance have received increased attention over the past two decades particularly in regard to the relationship between the mental health of elite athletes and the concept of mental toughness. Therefore arguing that there is a clear contradiction between encouraging players to highlight mental health while at the same time always portraying mental toughness.

SPO301 Health And Advocacy Strategies Assignment – Australia

Critically evaluate the statement that mental health and mental toughness are contradictory concepts in the world of elite sport by using contemporary literature and examples with a view to inform professional practice.

In your critical reflection you need to refer to:
(a) Examples of professional athletes/sports
(b) The changing views on mental health, particularly work being done on the stigma of mental health
(c) How sports have reacted to the growing numbers of athletes being identified with mental health illness.

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