SM6064 Globalization And The Media Essay – Australia.

Subject Code : SM6064
Title : Globalization And The Media
Assignment Type : Essay
Word Count : 2,000-2,500 words
Explain the reasons for the unequal international flow in any one communications sector(News, Film or Television). How relevant to this are national differences in the populations’preferences for news or entertainment?
SM6064 Globalization And The Media Essay – Australia.

How can theories of dependency and cultural imperialism explain the dynamics of cultural power between China and other countries it has invested in? Is it a form of neo-colonialism?Provide examples of China’s influence in one country of your choice.

How convincing are claims that mass communications and, in particular, social media produce a ‘global village’? To what extent have local cultures and political identities been replaced by global ideas?

Privately owned transnational corporations have unequal power and control over communications globally. Critically discuss the implications of this unequal power relationship for democracy and social justice as discussed by the theorists of Critical Political Economy.

Analyse and critically discuss South-North (CONTRA FLOW) media flows in any sector. Include in your answer some reflection on the reasons for some countries being more successful in this than others.

SM6064 Globalization And The Media Essay – Australia.

SM6064 Globalization And The Media Essay - Australia.

Critically evaluate the role of social media in constructing and commodifying an audience. Include some contemporary examples in your answer.

Outline and discuss how ‘localisation’ and globalisation fit together. Provide examples from a country or sector of your choice.

Analyse and critically discuss the role of Hollywood in globalisation. Provide examples of Hollywood being used as a ‘soft’ power vehicle for exporting American values and beliefs.

Critically discuss the ‘Media Systems Models’ of Hallin and Mancini. Based on a country of your choice, consider how convincingly these models explain the country’s media systems. What influence does national culture and the role of the state have on the structure of its media system?

SM6064 Globalization And The Media Essay – Australia.

SM6064 Globalization And The Media Essay - Australia.

Why are a small number of news agencies (Reuters, AFP, AP etc) still powerful in terms of
global news flow? Include comments on the economics and peculiar characteristics of the
information product in your answer.

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