SEV301 Water Engineering Design Assignment-Deakin University Australia.

This is an individual SEV301 Water Engineering Design Assignment Task

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SEV301 Water Engineering Design

Learning Outcomes of SEV301 Water Engineering Design Assignment:

This assessment task has been devised to allow students to demonstrate progress towards achieving the following Unit Learning Outcomes and Deakin Graduate Learning Outcomes:

At the completion of this Unit, you will be able to:

SEV301 Water Engineering Design

Task for SEV301 Water Engineering Design Assignment

Your work on the CSG Water proposals did not go unnoticed and you have been head-hunted by international consultancy Conan and Lupin Consultants as a team leader. The previous team leader was asked to leave the company after serious design flaws were identified in a constructed plant. The team are nearing completion of a new project, a wastewater
treatment plant for Generic City. Attached is an email from the design team asking for your assessment of their design. For this assessment task you will be providing a constructive response to this email, firstly describing your understanding of the proposed wastewater treatment process using a process flow diagram and identifying and correcting significant design faults you can identify and highlighting why they would impact on the performance of the plant. You should include a copy of the Excel file with comments and corrections in your email response.

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