SCHO29001 Foundation of Scholarship 1 Essay 2  – Australia

Assessment Overview
Weighting: 30%
Length: 1500 words excluding reference list, but including in-text references and direct quotations
Aim :- The aim of this assessment is to demonstrate your understanding about your own world views and their impact on Mental Health Clinical Care Coordination.This will entail understanding how different ways of knowing ontology thinking epistemology and valuing axiology impact on your being doing and saying.
SCHO29001 Foundation of Scholarship 1 Essay 2  – Australia

SCHO29001 Foundation of Scholarship 1 Essay 2  - Australia

Instructions :-
You are to explain and discuss your own world view and its impact on your scholarship and practice.This is to be presented in a single Microsoft Word document with headings to show where your response to each of the three 3 tasks begins and a single reference list at the end.

Please complete the following three tasks and include these three responses in your portfolio:

1.Define ontology epistemology axiology ethics world views and positionality Explain how each term relates to your scholarship and/or practice.

2.Explain your own worldview and how it is derived Discuss whether your worldview has changed or remained consistent over the course of your life. Identify and explain factors that have led to the change or consistency.

3.Discuss how you might go about effectively and ethically integrating your worldviews into your scholarship and/or practice.

Note: you can discuss your own experiences in general terms but please do not share private or
sensitive information. Where appropriate information should be de identified and must not breach confidentiality.

Note Carefully
To achieve a passing grade for this unit you are required to pass this assessment item. If you do not pass this assessment item you may have an opportunity to re-attempt. In order for the Unit Coordinator to allow a re-attempt they must be satisfied that you have made a reasonable attempt in the assessment item. If a re-attempt is offered, you will have only 7 consecutive days to resubmit your assessment item and you can only receive 50% of the available marks. Only one reattempt will be allowed.

Literature and References
In this assessment use at least 6 contemporary academic references less than 5 years to support your discussion. You may also use seminal scholarly literature where relevant. Suitable references include peer-reviewed journal articles as well as textbooks and credible websites.

When sourcing information, consider the 5 elements of a quality reference: currency authority relevance objectivity and coverage. Grey literature sourced from the internet must be from reputable websites such as from government, university, or peak national bodies: for example the Australian Bureau of Statistics Australian Institute of Health and Welfare Australian Institute of Family Studies Australia’s National Research Organisation for Women’s Safety ANROWS Australian College of Nursing, Australian Association of Social Workers etc.

Requirements :-
1.Use a conventional and legible size 12 font, such as Times New Roman or Arial, with 1.5 line spacing and 2.54cm page margins (standard pre-set margin in Microsoft Word.
2. Include page numbers on each page in a footer.
3. Write in the first-person perspective.
4. Use formal academic language.
5. Use the seventh edition American Psychological Association (APA) referencing style.

The CQUniversity Academic Learning Centre has an online APA Referencing Style Guide.
6. The word count excludes the reference list but includes in-text references and direct quotations.

SCHO29001 Foundation of Scholarship 1 Essay 2  – Australia

Resources :-
a. You can use unit provided materials and other credible sources e.g. journal articles books to reference your argument.The quality and credibility of your sources are important.
b. We recommend that you access your discipline specific library guide: the Nursing and Midwifery Guide; and the Social Work and Community Services Guide.
c. We recommend you use EndNote to manage your citations and reference list. More information on how to use End Note is available at the CQUniversity Library website.
d.For information on academic communication please go to the Academic Learning Centre Moodle site. The Academic Communication section has many helpful resources including information for students with English as a second language.

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