SBI241 Case Study Assessment 2 – Australia.

Subject Code & Title :- SBI241 Case Study
Assignment Type :- Assessment 2
Case Study :
Jennifer 58-year-old female farmer presents to her GP with generalised weakness and fatigue. She also complains of feelings of pins and needles in her fingertips. She has been a known diabetic for 22 years. On careful history taking the GP realises that Jennifer has not been compliant to her diabetes medications for the last 2-3 years. She doesn’t smoke and has no history of intoxicants abuse. Her appetite is good and according to her she has been gaining some weight during the past few months.
SBI241 Case Study Assessment 2 – Australia.

SBI241 Case Study Assessment 2 - Australia.

On physical examination, her body weight is 65 kg, pulse is 78/minute, BP is 141/85 mm Hg temperature is 36.8  C.

GP orders a few tests. Jennifer is called back to the clinic a few days later and after discussing the lab reports (shown below) with her, the GP refers her to a nephrologist.

Please answer the following TWO questions:

Q1. What is the pathophysiological basis of chronic kidney disease in a patient with poorly controlled long-standing diabetes mellit us?

Q2. Based on the clinical picture and laboratory investigations provided what stage of chronic kidney disease this patient is in and what will be the main management approach at this stage?

Support your answers with appropriate evidence (references).This assignment tests your ability to search scientific literature and present your answer in a scientific language.

SBI241 Case Study Assessment 2 – Australia.

1.The word range for this assignment is between 450 to 550 words, this does not include references. Please stick to word limit failing to do so will result in losing marks.
2.Only word and pdf formats are acceptable (formats like “.pages” are NOT acceptable). Do not copy the case study in your submission just provide your answers.
3.No COVER PAGE required.


  1. Font size 12; Font type: preferably Calibri or Arial.
  2. Line spacing 1.5 to 2.

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