PUBH7113 Global Health & Development Assignment-Queensland University Australia.

Your Task for PUBH7113 Global Health & Development Assignment
You are a research officer working for the Department of Health of a country of your choice.You have been instructed to develop a research question and conduct a systematic literature review based on Global health and development issue (listed below in the “getting started” guide).

Criteria for PUBH7113 Global Health & Development Assignment

  1. Understand the components of health and development and explain the ways in which they are linked
  2. Comprehend the role of health for economic development from macro- and micro-economic perspectives.
  3. Understand the effects of climate change, gender and migration on health and development in the context of globalisation.
  4. Identify, synthesise and critically evaluate qualitative and quantitative information about health and development in a given context.
  5. Demonstrate skills in written and oral communication, and skills in group work including collaboration, teamwork and group negotiation.
PUBH7113 Global Health & Development

Getting Started:

  1. Develop a research question for your systematic review related to one of the following topic areas:
  • Gender and Health&/or Development
  • Urbanization and Health&/or Development 
  • Migration and Health&/or Development 
  • Climate change and Health&/or Development
  • Fertility and Health&/or Development

2. Discuss your proposed question on Blackboard for feedback and modify accordingly
3. Conduct a database search for literature relating to your research question. If you include grey literature you will need to provide a good justification for its inclusion.
4. Use the template on Blackboard to write your report

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