PUBH7000 Public Health Research Methods Assignment-Queensland University Australia.

Task of PUBH7000 Public Health Research Methods Assignment

Following your Letter to the Editor at the Australian and New Zealand Journal of Public Health, you have been invited by a Philanthropic organisation to apply for funding, to address the gap in the literature that you identified.You have been requested to submit a full research proposal to address your proposed research question.

PUBH7000 Public Health Research Methods

Purpose of PUBH7000 Public Health Research Methods Assignment

To develop and justify a detailed research proposal to answer a research
question addressing a key public health issue and address key ethical considerations.

Getting started:

  1. Proposed research question
    Use the research question you proposed in Assessment 1. You may need to refine this based on feedback received. Identify the aim and objective(s) for the study to address this research question
  2. Plan and write your research proposal
    Access the ‘Guide for Writing your Research Proposal’ document in the Assessment 3 folder on Blackboard. Use this document as a template and guide for writing up your research proposal within the strict 7-page limit. This will include: an introduction and rationale for the public health issue and research question; the research plan (study design; sample; study procedures and/or intervention; data collection;data analysis); expected significance and outcomes; and, ethical considerations. Tables and figures can be included in the research proposal, as appropriate, within the 7-page limit. The research proposal (introduction, research plan, significance and outcomes) should be no more than 6 pages; the ethical considerations should be at least 1 page. The template document is set up with the formattingb requirements, which should be strictly adhered to:
    1. Times New Roman, size 12 font
    2. 2cm margins and 1.5 line spacing

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