PUBH6012 Presentation Applied Research Project In Public Health

Subject Code and Title :- PUBH6012 Capstone B Presentation Applied Research Project In Public Health
Assessment :- Assessment 2: Presentation
Individual/Group :- Individual or Group
Length :- 15 minute presentation
Weighting :- 20%
For this assignment students will present the findings of their research via Power point Collaborate Zoom. Other students will be invited to feedback on the findings of this research. Presentations will be 15 minutes. Presentation format may follow the format of the final research report e.g.
1. Summary Abstract
2. Introduction
3. Research design and methods
4. Results
5. Analysis
PUBH6012 Presentation Applied Research Project In Public Health.

PUBH6012 Presentation Applied Research Project In Public Health.

Learning Outcomes :-
This assessment addresses the following learning outcomes:
1.Integrate and apply their knowledge and skills in public health
2.Apply research skills to a public health issue
3.Analyse the results of data collected from research taking into consideration prior evidence and theory
4.Understand the ethical implications for conducting a piece of public health research
5.Present the results of findings to peers and seek feedback
6.Collaborate with other students in a small team environment in order to progress their research

Assessment Criteria:
a. Clearly communicates the research purpose justification methods results and analysis
b. Adapts the presentation for the specific audience
c.Presentation is well structured and easy to understand, with logical flow across sections
d.Presentation maintains interest of the audience via creative delivery use of presentation aids eye contact emphasis on key points of interest
e.Demonstrated interpretation of findings in light of previous research theory
f.Presentation stimulates debate among audience
g.Presentation keeps to time allocated (15 minutes)
h.Student provides constructive critical feedback on other students’ presentations

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