PSYC5172 Research Comprehension Assignment 1

Subject Code :- PSYC5172
Title :-  Research Comprehension
Assessment Type :-  Assignment 1
Assessment Details and Instructions
In PSYC5172 students will be guided through essential skills in understanding reading and writing formal scientific research reports. Assessment 2 Research Comprehension Task and Assessment 4 Guided Research Proposal are complementary such that completion of Assessment 2 will provide important feedback for students to use in completion of Assessment 4. The purpose of Assessment 2: Research Comprehension Task is to prepare students to be able to complete Assessment 4: Research Report by checking under standing the basic structure of a psychological research article as well as the ability to locate understand and describe important aspects of a psychological research article including theory, study aims and hypotheses method results and conclusions.
PSYC5172 Research Comprehension Assignment 1

PSYC5172 Research Comprehension Assignment 1


For Assessment 2:
Research Comprehension Task you will be provided with five (5) published scientific articles each of which reports research relevant to the general topics of this unit. From this set of 5 papers you are required to select one (1) article only and respond to a series of questions on the response sheet provided. These questions relate to the back ground to the research topic the method results conclusion and future directions as well as checking understanding of what constitutes an appropriate academic source and the structure of a research report. As a final component of Assessment 2, you are asked to articulate specific study plans you will put in place in order to complete Assessment 4 in line with the approach taught in tutorials in Weeks 1 and 2 of term.

By completing this task you can obtain feedback on your general comprehension of the research your approach to academic writing, and your general approach to sustainable study practices. Completing Assessment 2 therefore best prepares you to adequately complete Assessment 4. Feedback on Assessment 2 will be provided in enough time to be integrated into responses for Assessment 4.

PSYC5172 Research Comprehension Assignment 1

Specific information about this assessment
1. You will be provided five (5) published scientific articles, each of which reports research relevant to the general topics of this unit. You will need to select ONE of these articles to use for Assessment 2.
2. To complete Assessment 2, you should access the folder of provided articles that is available on the Moodle Class space. You should read the articles carefully and select one which interests you the most or one for which you believe you can best answer the questions provided).
3. You should answer the questions provided using the response template and the article you have chosen. Responses should be made directly on the template (i.e. answer the question on the word document, without deleting or editing the question).
4. You should adhere to formal academic style in preparing your responses see the guides provided and should conform to APA 7 th  formatting and referencing style.
5. To submit the assessment, you should submit your completed Research
Comprehension Task template to the "Submit Assessment 2: Research
Comprehension" link in the Moodle class space.
6. One question with in this task requires you to identify TWO further empirical research articles that are relevant to the topic of your chosen paper.

For this question you are required to conduct a basic search of a scientific database and include your chosen references + a short explanation as to why these articles are relevant and useful.
7. Where references to academic sources are required, it is expected that you will format and reference according to the American Psychological Association (APA) Manual – 7th edition.
8. The final section of the task requires you to think about your personal approach to assessment preparation and to articulate a basic study plan for completing Assessment 4. To prepare for this question you should participate in and complete the tasks in the Week 1 and 2 tutorials.
9. The word limit is 800 words. This applies only to the responses written by you excluding the questions provided on the template. The reference list is excluded from the word count.
10. The assessment will be graded according to the marking criteria included in the unit outline.
11. Feedback on this assessment will be provided within 3 weeks to allow for feedback to be incorporated into the responses for Assessment 4: Guided Research Proposal.

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