PROP2002 Property Principles Assignment 3 Essays & Case Studies-Curtin University Australia.

Subject Code&Title: PROP2002 Property Principles
Assignment Type: Assignment,Essay,Case Study
Instructions to Students: Answer all essays and case studies in the space provided. Word count guide provided in each section. 2 decimal places for percentage %. Eg. 1.00%. 0 decimal places for currency $. Eg. $10
Full Chicago referencing is required for in-text and reference list when referring to external sources of information.
PROP2002 Property Principles Assignment 3 Essays & Case Studies-Curtin University Australia.

PROP2002 Property Principles Assignment 3 Essays & Case Studies-Curtin University Australia.

Submission Instructions to Students:
Please submit your assessment 3 Word document in the Blackboard > Assessments “Assessment 3 Essay & Case Studies” Turnitin. Ensure that your name and student ID is on your Word document. Please ensure you submit your assessment on time as penalties apply. Standard late assessment penalties apply (See PROP2002 Unit Outline). Your submission must go through Blackboard’s Turnitin. You will be allowed multiple submissions
up to the deadline. Only the last submission will be marked. Your answers must be your own words. Do not copy from learning materials or other sources.

I, the student, hereby agree to all Curtin University Academic Integrity and Assessment & Student Progression policies and procedures when submitting my assessment submission.Where there are reasonable grounds for believing that a breach has occurred, appropriate disciplinary action will be taken against me. I hereby agree to all the assessment criteria
required below and will abide by all Curtin University policies and procedures.

• I have completed Curtin’s Academic Integrity Program and will abide by all policies and procedures set out by Curtin University in relations to Assessment & Student Progression,and understand the consequences of committing academic misconduct as outlined in the policy.
• This assessment submission is my own work, I have not participated in collusion, nor have I used materials or copies of materials sourced from anywhere else as my original work.
• I have taken proper and reasonable care to prevent this work from being copied by another student.

Part 1:Property Economics & Property Market Analysis Case Study
Research the concepts and topics presented within the news article above and then critique the article with your knowledge of statistics, property economics and property market analysis developed within this unit. *Hint: You should cite external sources to strengthen your critiques.

Part 2: Property Finance Case Study and Essay
A) Create your own realistic property finance case study using the table below with a 1 year analysis period. Choose a residential investment property in the Perth Metropolitan area that is available for sale now Provide the full web link of the property you have chosen below. Do not use examples from this unit’s learning materials.

PROP2002 Property Principles Assignment 3 Essays & Case Studies-Curtin University Australia.

*Hint: Use a real residential investment property available for sale as an example and pair it with real rental incomes of similar properties available for rent as the cash flow. Make realistic assumptions about prices, appreciation in value and interest rates for residential investment properties. Your debt component should be between 60% to 80% of the property’s initial value. Fill in the table below with the variables you have chosen and Complete the analysis.

B) Analyse and report on your findings from your case study from Part 2 A on:
i. the total return of the property, return on equity and return on debt;
ii. the overall positive or negative outcomes of leveraging in your case study.

Part 3:Property Development Case Study and Essay
You are planning to develop a 10 hectare (100,000 m 2 ) site for residential use. 10% of the site will be set aside for public open space. 10,000 m 2 will be left vacant for future provision of a day care centre and a community centre. Infrastructure works such as roads,pavements etc. will cover another 30% of the site. The remaining land will be subdivided into
residential lots of various sizes described in the table below.

The covered by residential lots will cost $222 per m 2 to subdivide. The site for a day-care centre land and community centre will cost $45 per m 2 to prepare. Open space will cost $50 per m 2 to Prepare. The infrastructure works that cover 30% of the site will cost $100 per m 2 .

Your bank is prepared to fund 65% of total development costs. The cost of the loan will total $840,000 over the duration of the project. Taxes (land tax, stamp duty) and additional infrastructure works such as power and water charges will cost a total of $1.3 m. The land is currently available to purchase for $60 per m 2 .

Complete the following sections based on the scenario provided above.

A. Complete the static feasibility table below based on the scenario provided in Part 3.

B. If the developer funds 35% of the total cost of the development, what is the total return on the developer’s equity? Show your workings below and the result in 2 dp %. (4 marks) Show workings (calculations) below:
C. Discuss the profitability of this development project, with the assumption that this project could be completed in 12 months. Then discuss what would happen to profitability if this project faced delays that would push completion to 24 months.

PROP2002 Property Principles Assignment 3 Essays & Case Studies-Curtin University Australia.

PROP2002 Property Principles Assignment 3 Essays & Case Studies-Curtin University Australia.

Part 4: Property Valuation Illustrated Essay
A. Explain the difference between investment value and market value in detail. Develop a numerical example to illustrate the difference. Do not use examples from learning materials as you have to create your own
B. Identify which 2 valuation methods are most appropriate for residential dwellings in Perth Western Australia; then explain in detail why.

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