PROJ6016 Capstone Project Management Plan Assignment – Australia.

Subject Code & Title: PROJ6016 Capstone Project Management Plan
PROJECT PLAN OVERVIEW: Provide the purpose of this document and its structure. Give details of any current issues, detailing the problem(s), need(s) and/or opportunities etc.together with the issues this project will address. Identify why the proposed project is to be undertaken, preferably from the perspective of someone with no prior knowledge of the project.
PROJ6016 Capstone Project Management Plan Assignment – Australia.

PROJ6016 Capstone Project Management Plan Assignment - Australia.

Project Title:

Provide a succinct title for the capstone project. This should be taken from the approved Capstone Proposal

Project Aim:
Overall aim of the project
E.G. Key message – to investigate and develop new processes to improve Product Testing within the organisation

Project Background:
Brief outline of the project, consider including needs, characteristics, location, method of delivery,etc. Why have you chosen the topic and the key questions to be answered?

Key Benefits of the Project:
Outline the benefits of your findings in terms of time, money, resources.

What are the key benefits of your findings to the organisation?

In the case of a research project, what are the benefits of carrying out the selected research and how will this impact Project Management knowledge and practice?

This Project will result in the following outcomes and benefits:

Project Objectives:
NOTE: use SMART objectives i.e. your objectives must be Specific, Measurable, Achievable,Relevant and Timely.

Roles and Responsibilities:

Project Key Contacts:
List the contact details for key people working on or involved with this project. Remove any that do not apply. You may add other Key Contacts as applicable to your project.

The overarching project objectives are:

Scope Statement:

Identify the project boundaries, what is included in this project? Also identify, to the level of detail appropriate for this template, the work required to complete the project successfully

PROJ6016 Capstone Project Management Plan Assignment – Australia.

PROJ6016 Capstone Project Management Plan Assignment - Australia.

Scope Exclusions:
What is out of scope – consider activities that may be peripheral to the project, possibly nice to do but not core to the project aims. Scope Exclusions must be related to the initial scope statement and not a wish list of nice to have items.

Key Deliverables:
What you will deliver at the end of the project.

NOTE: these are the products you will have at the end of the project, e.g. a policy, education program, risk assessment & management pathway, improved awareness levels etc.

Please remember to differentiate between the Capstone Project Deliverables, and your selected Project Deliverables

Project Constraints are aspects about the project that cannot be changed and are limiting in nature.(Consider EEF here)

Constraints generally surround four major areas:
Scope: e.g. Change legislation relevant to the project
Cost: e.g. Project time dependent on limited resources
Schedule: e.g. Evaluation beyond the project schedule
Quality: e.g. Dependent on availability of resources and skills
What are the actions required to mitigate the risk based on assumptions?

Project assumptions are circumstances and events that need to occur for the project to be successful but are outside the total control of the project team. They are listed as assumptions if there is a HIGH probability that they will in fact happen. (Consider EEF here)

What are the actions required to mitigate the risk based on assumptions?

Success Criteria or Definition of Done (DoD):

How will you measure the success of the project?

NOTE: the success criteria must be specific and measurable. e.g. audit data, education session attendance, policy uptake.

Key Resources:
What are the resources required to undertake the project?
NOTE: important to be fair and reasonable.

Consider: people, space to meet and access to a computer & internet, etc.

Work Breakdown:
The work breakdown (WBS) will be developed from the implementation action plan.
*Please add your full WBS (i.e Org chart style, Mind map style, or Indentation style ) at Appendix 1



Key Activities:

Design a budget for this Capstone project, based on the project team working hours and resources required. Describe what method you used to design the budget, and justify why the cost baseline can be approved as a final budget.

If the Capstone is part of your employer-based project, please specify what proportion does this budget stand out of the entire project budget.

Attach full baseline calculation in Appendix 3

Consider the risks that may apply to this project. You should consider the risks that may impact your ability to deliver or complete the Capstone Project on time and according to the agreed Success Criteria, in addition to the risks that may impact the actual project you are undertaking. Risks should include both positive and negative risks and should be categorised according to risk type (RBS)

*Attach a comprehensive risk register and include the definitions of Likelihood and Consequence matrix that you have used in developing the Risk Register in Appendix 4

A stakeholder is any person, group or organisation whose interests may be impacted by the project, or who may impact the project. Identify them, and their interest in the project.

Impacts may be internal and/or external, positive, or negative and may vary during the life of the project (costs, disruptions, temporary arrangements etc.). Some of these may require culture change and associated change management, either internally (where staff attitudes will be important) or externally within the community affected. New standards/policies/legislation/regulation may impact outside agencies and service providers.

Stakeholder Engagement Matrix:

Communication Matrix:

Communication Matrix:

Outline the anticipated quality requirements and standards that the capstone project will be complied with.

*Provide a definition of project quality and quality management processes to be used for this project.

Review Process:
Insert details of meeting schedules and review processes

PROJ6016 Capstone Project Management Plan Assignment – Australia.

PROJ6016 Capstone Project Management Plan Assignment - Australia.

Project Reporting:
Indicate the reporting cycle and process. Reporting is regular and depends on the project length and complexity. Include consideration of the project reporting required with your Academic Supervisor as well as Employer Based Project Sponsor (if applicable)

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