Professional Management And Leadership Assessment – Australia.

Professional Management and Leadership (Engineering)
Assessment Brief

Students are required to submit their assignments through JIRA. Only assessments submitted through JIRA will be marked. Any other submission including submission to your study centre in hard copy will be treated as a non submission. If your centre supports Turnitin© or alternatively Safe Assign by Black board a copy of your Turnitin© or Safe Assign originality report must be submitted in conjunction with your assignment.
Professional Management And Leadership Assessment – Australia.

Professional Management And Leadership Assessment - Australia.

The Assessment tests all the learning outcomes of the module:

K1 An appreciation of several different theories of management and leadership to enable the management of a leadership development plan to support the achievement of strategic ambitions
K2 A critical understanding of the impact of an organisation’s ethical and value-based relationship on the staff welfare environment between human resources management and leadership in achieving successful business development.

S1 The cognitive skills of critical thinking and analysis in achieving strategic ambitions.
S2 The capability to evaluate leadership styles and strategies and their impact on organisational direction.

The Assessment
There is one assessment for this module. It is a reflective report made up of two tasks as follows:-
The module will be assessed by one integrative individual report (100%) with a word guideline of 4000 plus or minus 10%. The assignment will be a reflective report made of up of two Tasks.The number of words you allocate to each task is up to you, but you might like to consider about 3000 words for Task 1?

Task 1 – You will draw on leadership and management theories to demonstrate under standing and application of the module content.

You will provide reflection on the leadership and management of your strategic ambitions AND Personal Development Plan (PDP)

Task 2 – You will provide an evaluation of your contribution to the management task

The report is to be submitted online only. The hand-in date for the report will be confirmed by your Tutor
Guidance on how to prepare the report:

Professional Management And Leadership Assessment – Australia.

Task 1
In this task you are to show understanding of both K1 and K2 above.You might start with demonstrating your understanding and application of management and leadership but equally important is the role an organisation’s ethical and value based relationship impacts on staff. You will write a reflective commentary of how the theoretical perspectives on leadership and management have influenced the development of your own management and leadership skills

This commentary will include a professional development plan and a timeline that shows what you will do to create a career. This will be linked to the management and leadership theories taught in the module. The plan can be related to a company you work for or the type of company you hope to work for in the future.

Professional Management And Leadership Assessment – Australia.

Some tips on writing the reflective report:-

1.You will write in the first person using personal pronouns, e.g. My professional development plan relates to my work at Now and Never a fashion house in Timbucktoo. I have worked there for five years as an assistant and I shall be applying for the management training scheme next year….

Each week we will be introducing you to different theories of management and leadership and you will be encouraged to keep a learning log/diary throughout. You will be working in a team for several tasks such as case studies and role play so your reflection should include how this experience impacted on your learning. You can separate out the topics and take any style of report you choose. Perhaps you may choose to write the reflection per topic:

Management development
I read the recommended reading from Week 1 and found that the ideas of X… resonated with my experience. X states that a good manager should….I believe this to be reasonable but when things go wrong….

I think leaders arise out of the situation they are in. For example….
Alternatively you may choose a structured approach: Introduction and numbered points. It does not matter what is important is you draw on the theories and the experience of the module to explain how you have developed your ideas and noted how you will put these to practice in a work situation and/or career path.

Personal Development Plan – this is detailed and backs up what you claim in Task 1.
You will put your Personal Development. Think of where you want to be in your career in 3- 5 years’ time, then work backwards to today. Here is an example of the structure and some possible sentences.


Professional Management And Leadership Assessment - Australia.

The below is for guidance (examples) only:
Setting Goals – write under these headings in a table/columns

What do I want to learn?
I want to learn how to start my own business in…

What do I have to do?
I need to find out how to write a business plan and check out…..

What support & resources will I need?
I will contact Enterprise and Innovation at the University for guidance and resources. I will also….

How will I measure success? /timeline
I will be able to register my business ….and …..

Target date for Review?
Once I have started the business I will review….

Personal Objectives
Short term goals (next 12 months)
I will complete the MBA with a distinction

Medium term goals (next 2-3 years)
I will be running a successful business in…

Longer term goals (beyond 3 years)
I will be expanding the business and taking on x number of employees….

Professional Management And Leadership Assessment – Australia.

Task 2.
Assessment Task 2
Reflection on individual performance in the Business Management Case study The Case Study is below: Bridgestolast for Task 2 of the assessment.

It has two tasks:
1.The Case Study will be opened online on a date set by your tutor. You are to form a virtual management team online (4-6) members read the Case study and decide how best to respond to the issues.
2.You will then have 48 hours to work together to research the issues create a development plan and submit the report by the date set by our tutor. Please ensure only one report for each team is submitted into the drop box on PGBM141 by 09.00 hours on the date set by your tutor.

Report style – the report style is formal, ensure all students names and SIDs are included.
References to adhere to the Harvard style. Word length maximum 2000 words +/- 10%
REMEMBER – this is the material for Task 2 of your assignment. The report is a Team Exercise submitted separately by the date set by your tutor. The individual task is reflection on your performance in this case study ensure you follow the assessment brief. The assessment deadline is _____________

Management task- Case Study
A Bridge Too Far

You are the management team of the contracting company Bridgestolast who employ civil engineers.You have been appointed by the local government to widen a major road that crosses the country side out side of the city of Sunderland. The first task in this exercise is to remove the existing footbridge and refit a new one. Before the road work can be under taken the removal of an old, and in dis repair foot bridge that spans the major road must be completed This structure is to be replaced by a longer bridge that spans the widening of the road. The new footbridge also has to be robust enough to allow the transfer of cattle and horses from fields on one side to fields on the other Brian Bovine the farmer who owns the land on both sides of where the construction will take place objects to the work taking place as he is worried about the disruption to his livelihood and the damage to his fields.

Professional Management And Leadership Assessment – Australia.

Professional Management And Leadership Assessment - Australia.

You will need to consider many issues such as
1.You will need to meet with the farmer to discuss your plans and reassure him. You will also have to state that you will repair any groundwork damage to his fields and compensate him for inconvenience.
2. Instruct your civil engineers to appoint demolition contractors.
3.Appoint a designer to create the design of the new bridge
4.Plan how you would undertake the work or appoint a contractor to do the work what checks would you need to make?
5.Meet with the local government to agree for when and how long you would need to close the major road so as not to upset the public
6. Allocate a lay-down area space for all the materials needed to be temporarily stored
7.Allocate a different area(s) for facilities for offices toilets canteen security temporary fencing.
8.Design the programme development/plan of work e.g. decide on the best time to close the road to remove the old bridge and then when to close it again to fit the new bridge
9. It is very important to understand the choreography of how to use different size cranes at the same time – would you organise your civil engineers to oversee this or appoint a contractor
10.Ensure auditing of the work and make sure there is a system of Health and Safety management
11.Conduct an environmental needs survey to be aware of flora and fauna
12.Ensure you are aware of your budget/costs-what have you been paid to do the work? How will you manage costs?

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