OB Consulting Assignment – Canada.

Unit Title :- OB Consulting
Purpose:- The purpose of this assignment is to understand the application of Organizational Behavior (OB) concepts to real life business situations.This assignment will involve researching the behaviour within an organization through an employee interview. You will analyze the interview and link in OB concepts into your analysis and recommendations. Your Professor will assign you the topics for this assignment
(topic examples are listed below).
OB Consulting Assignment – Canada.

OB Consulting Assignment - Canada.

The Interview:
Due Date: End of Week 7

In preparation to write your consulting assignment you will complete and submit an interview for evaluation. You will complete the following process:

1.Identify a person to interview This can be a friend family member colleague etc.You can talk to a cashier a manager a business owner etc. You must include evidence that you met with this person. This could be a screen shot of a video call an email confirming the meeting or your rough notes. Do not simply asked
questions via email or send a questionnaire. This should be an interview you conduct.The interview should be a minimum of 30 minutes to get solid information for your assignment.

2.You will be assignment OB topic areas for your interview. You can use any of the sample questions or develop your own.

3.You will submit the interview at the end of Week 7 for review by your professor.

The Assignment:
Due Date: End of Week 10 on Sunday by
Your assignment should be a maximum of 2000 words in 12-point font using APA format. Use e Text or supplementary learning materials in e Conestoga to help your findings. The following provides an overview of the structure of your assignment.

Section 1: Executive Summary
This section is a summary of your assignment. It should include a high level overview of the business strengths and/or problem identified and recommendations. This section should be a two to three paragraphs summary of your assignment.

Section 2: Interview Results
The section is an overview of your analysis of the interview results. The following sub sections should be included and each section should have the following descriptive title in bold in your report. In this section it is important not to list the questions and interview answers. This section should be an analysis of your findings.

OB Consulting Assignment – Canada.

1.Summary of Business :- It should include an overview of the business and interviewee describe business describe role of the interviewee in the business etc).

2.Strengths Identified in the Interview :- This section should include the strengths you found in your interview. It is critical to describe the strength and link in the OB concepts covered in class that are linked to that strength. All OB concepts must be bolded in your paper to demonstrate you understand OB concepts.

Areas of Improvement Identified in the Interview :- This section will outline the areas you identified that require improvement. As you describe the findings outline the OB concepts that connect into the findings. It is required that you bold the OB concepts as you write about them so you ensure you are linking enough theory into your assignment.

OB Consulting Assignment – Canada.

Section 3: OB Concepts Linked to the Business
This section is where you go into detail and describe the OB concepts that are outlined in Section 2 in more detail. A minimum of six OB concepts should be explored in this section. They can be concepts linked to your topic area or other concepts you feel link in to describe your findings. You are expected to discuss the OB concepts and how it connects into the interview. It is critical you refer to your interview during this section.The analysis should be mainly using your own words and supplementing by citing your
e text or in class lectures where appropriate. It is required that you bold the OB concepts as you write about them so you ensure you are linking enough theory into your assignment.

OB Consulting Assignment – Canada.

OB Consulting Assignment - Canada.

Section 4: Recommendations
The section provides an overview of a minimum of three recommendations that are appropriate viable and insightful recommendations for the strengths or areas of improvement identified. It is critical to connect in OB concepts to back up the recommendations outlined. It is required that you bold the OB concepts as you write about them so you ensure you are linking enough theory into your recommendations.The recommendations should be written in a way the business would consider
implementing the recommendation.

Section 5: References
Provide a list of your references. The references for this assignment are e-text and class learning materials (for class learning cite the week and the source). The use of other resources is not acceptable and your assignment will go through Turnitin to check for plagiarism.
Section 6: Appendices
This section will include the interview and proof of Interview (a picture email exchange).

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