NURS6620 Nursing And Midwifery Therapeutics Assighnment-Newcastle University Australia

Instruction to students: This is an individual assignment.

Weighting: 40%

Length: 2,000 words

Submission Method: Online – To be submitted via turnitin

Task: NURS6620 Nursing And Midwifery Therapeutics Assignment

NURS6620 Nursing And Midwifery Therapeutics

Assessment Type: Report – Reflections on the process of care and implications

Description Requirements:

  1. Briefly reintroduce your chosen patient/woman/consumer and
  2. Provide an overview of the nursing or midwifery issues and therapeutic interventions required to achieve an optimum outcome for this person.

Do not introduce any new issues.

Formulate your paper utilising the following steps in the clinical reasoning cycle:

  • Brief introduction of the patient/woman/consumer presented in Part A to orient your marker (this paper is graded by a nursing academic).
  • Cue collection and processing
  • Identification of management issues related to the patient/woman/consumer
  • Establish collaborative goals of care (reference Nursing, Midwifery or Mental Health theory for collaborative goal setting ie recovery framework, person centered care or woman centered care)
  • Take action
  • Evaluate outcomes

Reflect on the process and identify at least one clinical reasoning error that arose during your care of the  patient/woman/consumer.

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