NURBN2022 Nursing Assessment 3 – Australia

Subject Code & Title :- NURBN2022 Nursing
Assignment Type :- Assessment 3
Length: 1600 words +/- 10%
Mark loading: 40% of the overall course grade
You are required to submit a fully referenced academic paper in an essay format on the following case study Your essay should demonstrate your knowledge and application of the best evidence based nursing practice related to assessment nursing care and evaluation of care for the aspects described below.
NURBN2022 Nursing Assessment 3 – Australia

NURBN2022 Nursing Assessment 3 - Australia

xxx a 82-years-old female, has been admitted to the cardiology ward diagnosed with unstable angina following a sudden onset of heavy chest pain, and epigastric distress while lives with her husband who is 85 yrs old and they are both retired.

You are the Registered Nurse on duty in the ward and based on the DR’s orders you administer:

xxx is not keen to have some of these medications as she admits she is scared of injections.

Medical History

Subjective data:
➢ Feeling anxious and tearful
➢ Fatigue
➢ Restless
➢ Nausea
➢ Central chest pain – Pain scale (6/10)

NURBN2022 Nursing Assessment 3 – Australia

Objective data:
➢ Blood pressure: 175/90 mm Hg
➢ Heart rate: 95 beats per minute
➢ Respiratory rate: 24/minute
➢ SaO2: 95% Room air
➢ Temperature: 36.5 degrees
➢ Weight: 95Kg
➢ Pupils’ reactivity: Equal and reactive to light.
➢ ECG: Normal sinus rhythm with ST elevated in V1-V4

Your assignment should be directly related to the scenario and cover the following aspects of assessment nursing care planning and evaluation of care provided:
These aspects must be used as headings – please refer to the marking guide for further explanation and description of each area.

NURBN2022 Nursing Assessment 3 – Australia


2.Prioritise and Facilitation of General Nursing Care

3.Prevention of Possible Hospital Acquired Complications

4.Promotion of Adequate Hydration and Nutrition

5.Provision of Emotional and Psychological Support

6.Education and Discharge planning


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