NUR600 Nursing Assignment

Subject Code & Title :-  NUR600 Nursing
Assessment Type :-  Assignment
Volume :- 250 – 500 words
Learning Outcomes :- 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
Overview and purpose :-
This assessment provides the opportunity for you to focus on creating and developing an e-Portfolio that showcases your personal development towards the Registered Nurse Standards for Practice through your degree.
You will demonstrate achievement of professional competencies by writing a nursing philosophy and keeping records of experience and achievements using PebblePad.
NUR600 Nursing Assignment

NUR600 Nursing Assignment

Task Description :- using PebblePad (access via your Student Portal)
1. Create a Portfolio – write a nursing philosophy (150 – 250 words) support your SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, time-bound) statements (goals) by linking them with the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia's [NMBA] Registered Nurse Standards for Practice. You can use your nursing philosophy as part of your resume when applying for jobs in the future.

2. Create an Experience Asset – use the generic template available in PebblePad. Choose a relevant nursing course or class you've completed and received a certificate for in the past 6 months this can be with any institution or online. Describe your experience/achievement attach your certificate and write a reflection on your experience (100 – 250 words) and link with the NMBA Standards.

NUR600 Nursing Assignment

Then on your Portfolio page add a new content block and create a link to your asset.

3. Share your Portfolio as a web link or with people in the Assessment e-Portfolio submission point.

Watch the videos below to help you create your ePortfolio easily. On completion of this assessment item you 'll gain experience using Web 2.0 digital technology which you can also add to your list of essential skills as part of your resume.

PebblePad – Introduction to PebblePad

How do I share an Asset as a web link on PebblePad?
PebblePad allows you to share an Asset as a web link so that you may send your Asset to be assessed by your Unit Coordinator.

To share an Asset as a web link:
1. From your PebblePad home screen go to your Asset Store and open the Asset you wish to share as a link.
2. Click on the 'I want to…' button in the top right and then click 'Share':
3. Next click on With the Web:
4. Tick the box next to 'Allow viewer to leave a comment' to allow the Unit Coordinator to open your link to leave a comment:
5. Make sure you also leave 'Hide from search engines' ticked, as this ensures your Asset can only be accessed by with the link.
6. Click on 'Share asset'. You will now be given a web link which you can send to any one you want to view your Asset. Click on 'Copy this URL' to copy the link to your clip board and then paste it into the Assessment 3 Submission Point

NUR600 Nursing Assignment

To share an Asset with people:
1. From your PebblePad home screen go to your Asset Store, and select the asset you want to share by clicking the check box to the left of its name
2.  Click the I want to… button in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen and then select Share
3. Select I would like to share this… With people

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