NUR222 Narrated PowerPoint Assessment 3 – Nursing and Midwifery Board Ahpra Australia.

Goal: Nurses, midwives and medical practitioners are required to communicate through a wide range of mediums to a diverse audience. The goal of this task is to apply your knowledge and understanding of legal and ethical principles in assessing and presenting a case study to an audience.
Product: A ten minute (10) narrated PowerPoint presentation with the key points made evident throughout the slides and to be uploaded to Blackboard. The reference list slide/s to be included at the end of the presentation.
NUR222 Narrated PowerPoint Assessment 3 – Nursing and Midwifery Board Ahpra Australia.

NUR222 Narrated PowerPoint Assessment 3 - Nursing and Midwifery Board Ahpra Australia.

Format: Narrated PowerPoint Presentation
You will prepare a narrated PowerPoint presentation using the resource materials provided in your Task 3 Assessment Tab on Black Board. The narrated PowerPoint presentation will be ten minutes long and will address legal (including applicable legislation and case law) and ethical issues related to the provided case study. Key point summary (only) within the PowerPoint notes’ section for each slide will be included (see supporting information on how to do this in your assessment tab). This narrated PowerPoint presentation needs to consider and draw on sources of relevant law (legislation and/or case law), ethical principles, professional codes, standards, guidelines, and textbooks and journal articles (Textbooks and journal articles to be published within the last 5 years). You need to
discuss the application of principles to clinical practice and make conclusions based on your analysis of the case.

Course Learning Outcomes (CLO) assessed in this task.
CLO 1 Identification, description and application of aspects of the Australian legal system and statutory bodies to nursing and midwifery practice.
CLO2 Definitions and application of contemporary professional ethical standards to decision making and practice.
CLO3 Critically analyse health situations from an ethical and legal prospective.

• Understanding and application of key legislation.
• Understanding of ethical issues/theory relevant to the case.
• Understanding of ethical decision making.
• Conclusions made regarding the set case study
• Structure presentation and clarity of expression.
• Applying the principles of ethical use of intellectual property – through paraphrasing,referencing and citation. Complies with APA (7 style) for referencing and citation.

Length: 10- minute narrated PowerPoint recording.
Weighting: 40%
Resources: Refer to weeks 1-4 and week 6 learning materials and assessment Task 3 resources.
Submission: Upload to Blackboard narrated PowerPoint Recording by due date.

Case Study; Nursing and Medical Science
Joseph Jones is 52 years old and has lived on the Sunshine Coast in Noosa all his life. He worked on a farm and is married to Susan for 25 years. He has three adult children all married with children. He has been diagnosed with terminal lung cancer, and he has ‘good days’ and ‘bad days’ where he
requires more pain and symptom control. Joseph has a Nikki pump to help control his pain and associated nausea. Prior to admission, the paramedics administered morphine for break through pain relief. On admission, he is febrile, tachycardic and oxygen saturations are 83. He is confused
and says he doesn’t want any further treatment. You are aware from his notes that he has an Advance Health Care Directive stating he doesn’t wish to continue with further treatment, however, Susan has requested that the medical practitioner assess and provide any appropriate treatments
despite his Advance Health Care Directive. Susan holds the Enduring Power of Attorney for all health and financial needs for her husband, Joseph. The medical practitioners decide to prescribe antibiotics and steroids to improve his health status and have advised Joseph that this is what they
have prescribed for his treatment. Joseph refuses this treatment.

NUR222 Narrated PowerPoint Assessment 3 – Nursing and Midwifery Board Ahpra Australia.

NUR222 Narrated PowerPoint Assessment 3 - Nursing and Midwifery Board Ahpra Australia.

In response to this assessment, please consider the following and discuss the legal and ethical issues you have identified in this case. Consider all those parties involved in Joseph’s care.

As a qualified health care provider caring for Joseph, your focus is on the legal and ethical requirements discussed within this course. Pay attention to Joseph’s civil liabilities, legal and ethical requirements of the law surrounding decision making and consent. Using the legal and ethical
decision-making framework identify and justify the care that will be provided to Joseph. What are your legal and ethical responsibilities and what professional standards and codes need to be considered?

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