NUM 3511 Role of The Community Nurse Assessment – Australia.

Subject Code & Title :- NUM 3511 Role of The Community Nurse
Assessment Type : Contemporary Topic- Role of the Community Nurse: Developing a Community Health Needs Assessment.
Learning Outcomes :- On completion of this unit students should be able to:
1.Evaluate epidemiological data to determine community health needs and socio-ecological determinants of health.
2.Plan theoretical Primary Health Care activities and strategies to meet identified community health needs.
3.Apply the concepts of health promotion, education, and disease prevention across the lifespan and within different cultures and populations.
4.Critically appraise the relevance of Primary Health Care and inter-professional collaboration to the changing health needs of the Australian population.
NUM 3511 Role of The Community Nurse Assessment – Australia.

NUM 3511 Role of The Community Nurse Assessment - Australia.

Task description :
This essay reflects the learning provided in the first 4 topics of the semester. This will provide you with opportunity to demonstrate your new knowledge to practice in the community.

A. You are a community health nurse working in ONE of the below areas of practice.
B. Write a 1400-word essay to describe and discuss your understanding of the principles and processes involved in performing a community health assessment for your chosen community.
C. In your discussion it will be necessary to consider the following: demographic and epidemiological data; health issues; social determinants as well as the identified community health needs.

Choice of Population/ Community Group:

Group 1:
An Aboriginal population in a rural/ remote community of Western Australia.
Group 2:
A child youth population (e.g., early years, primary or secondary school children) in a metropolitan community of Western Australia.Good nursing practice is based on evidence and assessment. A community health assessment is a means to providing the evidence to guide community nursing

Headings :
Please use headings to structure your writing for this assignment:
1.Title: State your chosen population/ community group
2.Introduction (approx. 150 words)
3.Demographics: (approx. 350 words)
4.Health Issues: (approx. 400 words)
5.Social Determinants of Health: (approx. 350 words)
6.Conclusion (approx. 150 words)
7. Reference list

NUM 3511 Role of The Community Nurse Assessment – Australia.

NUM 3511 Role of The Community Nurse Assessment - Australia.

Assignment Structure :
TITLE: state your chosen population/ community and health promotion program.

a.An introduction to your topic
b.Highlight the main issues
c.Include a statement that outlines the structure and purpose of the paper.
d.Include research parameters
e.Target audience i.e., peers
f.Explain key terms e.g., the term Aboriginal is used as inclusive of Torres
g.Strait Islander peoples as per SNM guidelines.

1.Using epidemiological data describe your selected population community.State the location of the community. Data might include (age, gender,location etc). This can then be compared to mainstream data
(comparative data) to provide context and meaning. Use terms like, incidence, prevalence ratio and percentage and indicate if there has been an increase or decrease over time where possible.

i.Outline and discuss the health issues that are common to your chosen population. i.e. Chronic diseases infectious diseases, childhood conditions. It is not necessary to discuss the pathology or signs and
symptoms of the diseases. The data can be general and not specific to your chosen location e.g. young children have a high incidence of communicable disease when compared to the adult population.
ii.From the health issues discussed, identify one community health need that you may target to develop a health promotion program project. Clearly state this health need in your conclusion- to focus your topic for the next assessment topic (assessment 3).

a.Outline social determinants of health that relate to the chosen community population. It is necessary to discuss at least three to demonstrate ‘why’your population is at risk of experiencing the health issues that it does from a social health perspective.

NUM 3511 Role of The Community Nurse Assessment – Australia.

NUM 3511 Role of The Community Nurse Assessment - Australia.

1.Provide a summary of your essay and key elements that it has addressed
2.Clearly state in your conclusion one community health need that you could use to “promote support and create a healthier community”.

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