NSG3MHI Nursing Mental Health Assessment 1 – La-Trobe University AU.

Subject Code & Title : NSG3MHI Nursing Mental Health
Assignment Type : Assessment 1
Title: Mental Health Assessment Written Report
Percentage : 25%
Word count : 1,000 word (±10%) including in-text citation, but excluding reference list
SILO 3. Demonstrate mental health assessment skills
Rationale. Mental state examination and therapeutic communication skills are fundamental skills of a
nurse working with consumers with mental illness. By completing this report, students will be able to
observe a consumer’s mental state, and document it appropriately. Furthermore, the student will learn
by reflecting on helpful and unhelpful therapeutic communication skills.
NSG3MHI Nursing Mental Health Assessment 1 – La-Trobe University AU.

NSG3MHI Nursing Mental Health Assessment 1 - La-Trobe University AU.

Please watch one of the below four videos of psychiatric interviews for teaching. [you will automatically fail if you use another video apart from these four.]

Part A. MSE documentation
Write a comprehensive Mental State Examination on the consumer in the video that you selected.

Part B. Therapeutic communication
Reflect on the interviewer’s (clinician’s) therapeutic communication skills. Discuss what components
of this communication you thought were helpful and/or not helpful, and support with literature.

Tips to do this assessment well.
• Attend your classes as we will be using the same videos to practice MSE skills together.
• Watch all the relevant lectures on the assessment including Welcome lecture 3, and Module 1 lectures on mental health assessment & MSE.
• Read the instruction and rubric thoroughly, then read it again!
• Watch the example video & refer to the written MSE,found in the assessment resource folder.
• You do not need to write introduction and conclusion for this written report, however you still need an APA cover.

NSG3MHI Nursing Mental Health Assessment 1 – La-Trobe University AU.

• You do not need to write a time code.
• This assessment is to be completed using academic writing style. Do not write MSE in dot points. Use complete sentences.
• To find relevant literature, start with your textbook and use the La Trobe library.
• There is no minimum number of references required, however any arguments need to include a high quality literature reference.
• If you have a question about the assessment, please check Q&A forum if your question has been already answered or use the Q&A forum to ask a question. This will help others that have the same question.
• Also, you can ask a question at a weekly zoom drop-in with the subject coordinator.

NSG3MHI Nursing Mental Health Assessment 1 – La-Trobe University AU.

• DO NOT collude. If your work appears to be highly similar to other students,both students will be referred to academic integrity advisor. This must be your own work.
• Written expressions & referencing is worth 20% of total marks. Please use La Trobe learning hub services for study resources
• For APA style information, such as title page, headings, citations etc.,

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