NSB336 Integrated Nursing Practice Capstone Assignment 1- AU.

Subject Code & Title :- NSB336 Integrated Nursing Practice Capstone
Assessment name: Case Study: Failure to recognise and respond to clinical deterioration
Length: 1500 words +/-10% (word length includes in-text referencing and excludes your reference list)
Weighting: 50%
How will I be assessed: +/- 7 point grading scale using the rubric attached within this document
NSB336 Integrated Nursing Practice Capstone Assignment 1- AU.

NSB336 Integrated Nursing Practice Capstone Assignment 1- AU.

Task description: For this essay you are required to review the case study located on Black board

The assessment task requires you to write an academic essay that addresses the following tasks:

1.Analyse the Coroner’s case to identify the issues (what happened and why it happened) in care delivery that contributed to a failure to recognise and respond to clinical deterioration. Discuss how the
issues identified in conjunction with the patient presentation medical history and underlying pathophysiological processes led to the clinical deterioration.

2.Based on contemporary evidence analyse the clinical actions that the registered nurse(s) implemented how this contributed to the patient’s clinical deterioration and discuss what action should have been
undertaken to potentially prevent the clinical deterioration.

3.Based on issues identified in the Coroner’s report apply contemporary research to discuss the communication barriers in the escalation of care and how these may be addressed to improve future care.

• The reference list is to be presented in accordance with QUT APA 7th edition requirements.
• References are to be contemporary (i.e. no older than 7 years).

Only peer reviewed evidence-based literature is to be cited for this assessment.

What you need to do:
In order to undertake this essay, you will need to research the case using current and relevant peer reviewed literature in conjunction with reviewing:

• The lecture tutorial and support materials associated with the relevant topic located on blackboard.
• Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care; Recognising and Responding to Acute Deterioration Standard
• Registered nurses’ standards for practice
• Your knowledge and understanding related to:
1.Anatomy physiology and pathophysiology of the primary diagnosis medical history and associated clinical data identified within the coroner’s report.

2.The physiological assessments relevant to the features within the case study.

NSB336 Integrated Nursing Practice Capstone Assignment 1- AU.

NSB336 Integrated Nursing Practice Capstone Assignment 1- AU.

This assessment task is an individual assessment item and should be reflective of your own independent work.

Presentation requirements:
This assessment task must:
• Be a formal written academic essay containing an introduction body and conclusion addressing the task specified requirements and adhering to the prescribed word limit.
• Use QUT CiteWrite APA 7th edition referencing for citing academic literature inclusive of page numbers
• Assessment cover page should include student name ID number tutorial day and time tutorial leaders name case study title and word count.
• Be submitted in electronic form via Turnitin as a word document only. Submission made in any other form will not be accepted and a zero grade will be awarded.
• Integrate contemporary literature in the form of published articles within journals no older than 7 years.
• Include a footer on each page with your name student number unit code and page number.
• 3 cm margins on all sides, double-spaced text
• Use font such as Times New Roman, Arial or Calibri; font size 12
• Anticipated references required is 1 per 100-150 words (e.g 10 -15 references for the assessment)

Please note:
• If using web pages they must be current and evidence based.Sponsored sites and review sites such as Stat Pearls should be avoided. Your textbooks can be used but should not make up the majority of supporting evidence.
• The submitted essay should NOT contain tables figures or appendices.

NSB336 Integrated Nursing Practice Capstone Assignment 1- AU.

NSB336 Integrated Nursing Practice Capstone Assignment 1- AU.

What you need to submit:
One (1) word document that contains the following items:
1.A cover page with the items outlined in the presentation requirements provided.
2.Where an extension has been formally granted – evidence of the granted extension must be submitted in the form of the approval email added to the beginning of the submitted document. In the absence of this information the submission will not be graded.

All assessments must be submitted in electronic form via Turnitin by the due date. Emailed submissions will not be accepted.

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