MRD403 Assignment 4 Management of Rooms Division – Australia

Subject Code and Title :- MRD403 Managing Rooms Division
Assessment :- Simulated Meeting Presentation and Written Summary Report
Individual/Group :- Group
Length :- Simulated Meeting Presentation: 15 minutes (500-word equivalent and Written Summary Report (1,000 words +/- 10%)
Weighting :- 30%
MRD403 Assignment 4 Management of Rooms Division – Australia

MRD403 Assignment 4 Management of Rooms Division - Australia

Learning Outcomes :-
The Subject Learning Outcomes demonstrated by successful completion of the task below include:
b) Interpret operating statistics and ratios used to assess the performance of the rooms-division.
c) Investigate the importance of people management skills specifically interpersonal communication and relationship building in a rooms division context.
d) Critically review safety and security issues influencing the management of the Rooms division

Assessment Task :-
Your group will be presented with a number of different crisis management scenarios a scenario- based problem. You will need to select and critically review one only.

Identify the challenge within the context of your chosen scenario and evaluate strategies using techniques and theoretical frameworks to find a resolution. Your findings are to be presented to your General Manager in a 10-minute digitally recorded presentation in meeting format presentation slide deck and 1,000 word written summary report.

The scenarios presented are based on current developments in the Australian context. Limited back ground information is provided. Your group can make reasonable assumptions based on current evidence.

Please refer to the Task Instructions for details on how to complete this task.

MRD403 Assignment 4 Management of Rooms Division – Australia

Context :-
The role of a Rooms Division Manager is to oversee all Rooms Division operations to deliver an excellent guest experience while evaluating guest satisfaction and setting department targets and objectives. Operating with in depart mental budgets through effective cost controls maintaining good communication and work relationships throughout the hotel as well as ensuring team members comply with hotel security fire regulations and all health and safety legislation are all key components to the role.

This assessment evaluates your understanding of rooms division operational considerations focused on safety and security influences within the rooms division department, as well as the impact of people management and operating statistics within this context. It provides you with the ability to work in a collegial environment and learn from each other as a cohesive group. It aims to develop your under standing on how to identify and manage real-life hotel challenging scenarios in the context of the rooms division.

Instructions :-
Note: Groups of approximately 2–3 students will be assigned by the Learning Facilitator early during
Module 1 or 2, so that students can get to know each other within the group well before starting the
group project. Group size is proposed to ensure diversity, interaction and opportunity for students
to grow and lead teams.

1.Review only ONE crisis-based scenario in your group.

2.Identify the challenge within the context, current strategies and gaps.

3.Assume roles according to the specific scenario, i.e., front office manager, executive housekeeper.

4.Evaluate challenges associated with the scenario.

5.Provide an informed summary and plan of action to resolve the challenges via a digitally recorded
10-minute group presentation (in meeting format), including presentation slide deck, as well as a
1,000-word written summary report of your findings.

Structure of the Slide Deck :-
• Introductory slide: The rooms division manager will introduce the group members.
• Subsequent slides: Each department head will prepare 1 to 2 slides maximum based on their perspective of the scenario.
• Concluding slide: The rooms division manager will offer a summary and actionable steps to be taken.
• Reference list: A set of relevant resources must be included on the last slide not to be presented that informed your discussions. These resources must follow the correct University referencing style.

MRD403 Assignment 4 Management of Rooms Division – Australia

Written Summary Report in Business Report format

A summary report is a short, written communication that will be provided to the General Manager at the conclusion of the presentation (meeting format), which outlines the above findings in more detail.

Your headings should include:
● Introduction
● Summary of the situation (100 words) (what, who, where)
● Key issues relating to the situation 300 words i.e., the guests as well as impact on different departments
● Solutions (400 words) consider various stakeholders), including brief overview frame works and theories relevant to the context of the rooms divisions; however, these should keep your audience in mind.
● Conclusion 100 words – A summary of the key points that have been made in the body of the report
● Reference list (not included in word count)

Peer Evaluation Process
At the beginning of a term/project:

All students taking part in a group assessment should draw up and sign a group contract using the template provided on Blackboard, in the Assessments section. This step should be completed at least two weeks prior to your assessment due date. Your Learning Facilitators may ask to review the contracts when deemed necessary (for example, when there is a lack of progress or conflict among group members).

During a project:
You should keep records of communication and drafts. Any serious concerns about individual group member’s contribution should be brought to the attention of your Learning Facilitator as soon as they occur or at least two weeks before the due date, whichever is earlier.

MRD403 Assignment 4 Management of Rooms Division – Australia

MRD403 Assignment 4 Management of Rooms Division - Australia

At the end of a project/assessment submission:
When submitting your group assessment, you are required to attach the group contract as an appendix of your submission. You are reminded not to recycle self-plagiarise contracts from other assessments. Sections on deliverables timeline and expectations in particular should be unique to each assessment or project. Self-plagiarism constitutes a breach of Academic Integrity and can lead to penalties to the assessment or subject.

The group contract accounts for 10% of your assessment grade, as indicated in the marking rubric.
The group contract will be assessed based on its effectiveness in stipulating targets plans and expectations. It should be clear, realistic and appropriate for the nature of the project.

A peer evaluation form is available on Blackboard in the Assessments section. This can be used when you feel there was an unequal or unfair contribution from other group member(s) that you would like to raise with your Learning Facilitator. You must provide clear supporting evidence (e.g., records of communication and drafts) and email it to your Learning Facilitator, together with a completed peer evaluation form by the assessment due date. Otherwise, the allegations will be dismissed.

MRD403 Assignment 4 Management of Rooms Division – Australia

If you have been accused of not contributing equally or fairly to a group assessment, you will be contacted by your Learning Facilitator and given three working days to respond to the allegation and
provide supporting evidence. If there is no response within three working days of contact your Learning Facilitator will determine an appropriate mark based on the evidence available. This may differ from the mark awarded to your group members and would reflect your contribution in terms of quantity and quality of work.

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