MNG93218 Industry Research Project Assignment

Instruction: This is an individual assignment.

Length: 2000 words

MNG93218 Industry Research Project

Task: MNG93218 Industry Research Project Assignment

you are required to

  • provide a summary of research findings (including relevant charts, graphs and/or figures to highlight the most relevant findings)
  • provide a written discussion, comparing qualitative and quantitative findings (when the mixed method is adopted), linking the findings to the problem space and the research question(s)

Please note that graphs, charts, tables, figures, problem statement, research aim, and research questions do not count towards the word limit.

Prescribed Assessment Structure

  1. A brief statement of the problem space (1 – 2 sentences)
  2. Research aim and research questions(s)
  3. Findings (500 – 800 words)
    • Present your findings (no need to compare findings with the literature in this section)
    • Support your findings by including evidence from your data in the form of tables, graphs, charts, and/or figures (which are not included in the word count)

Marking criteria: MNG93218 Industry Research Project Assignment

MNG93218_Industry Research Project

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