MN692 Project Implementation & Evaluation Report Assignment

Instruction: This is a group assignment.

MN692 Project Implementation & Evaluation

Task: MN692 Project Implementation & Evaluation Report Assignment

Abstract: The abstract should not be more than 250 words. Describe your project, focusing on research questions and research methodology for the next stage of the project.

1.     Introduction       

The introduction should describe what the project is about and what the reader should know about your project before reading the rest of the report. The introduction section should also tell the reader what to expect in the report. It should say what each section of the report will contain.

2.     Project Detailed Design

Write all your literature review summary in this section and have in-text references as well. If you have undertaken any prior literature review in MN691 on the same topic as in MN692, you may use the review here as well.

2.1               Summary of Literature Review

Since the aim of your literature review is to gain an understanding of what other authors have done on this topic and for you to also gain and obtain new ideas that you could use in your project, you need to summarise the new ideas from your literature review.

This section should contain highlights from the literature review section, particularly points and ideas that you wish to use for your project

3      Project Implementation and Evaluation

If your project requires simulations, describe how the simulations were done, which software was used, what the inputs to the simulations are and the results you got from the simulations. This section may contain tables, graphs, etc.

3.1               Implementations

Describe your implementation.

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