MN506 System Management Assignment-Melbourne Institute of Technology Australia.

Trimester 1:-
Subject Code & Title :- MN506 System Management
Prerequisites: MN404 Fundamentals of OS and Programming or equivalent; MN404 as a pre-requisite is not required for students with prior studies in an IT discipline
Core quisites: N/A
Credit Points: 20 credit points
Level: Year 1, Elective
Workload: Timetabled hours for the trimester: 60 hours (Lecture = 2 hours/week, Laboratory = 2 hours/week, Problem Based Learning (PBL) tutorial = 1 hour/week)
Average personal study hours for this unit per trimester: 140 hours (One credit point equates to 10 hours of study load that includes timetabled hours and personal study time.)
MN506 System Management Assignment-Melbourne Institute of Technology Australia.

MN506 System Management Assignment-Melbourne Institute of Technology Australia.

It is emphasised that this unit requires a significant commitment outside of formal class contact. The learning tasks in this unit may include classes (lectures, tutorials or seminars), required reading, the preparation of answers to set questions, exercises and problems, and self-study. In addition, students may be required to complete an assignment, test or examination. The table below is an example of the suggested time allocations for this unit.

This is a second trimester elective unit out of a total of 12 units in the Master of Networking (MNet). This unit addresses the M Net course learning outcomes and complements other courses in a related field by developing students’ specialised knowledge in system management.

This unit provides students with in depth knowledge and advanced professional skills to manage and maintain network servers. They learn to manage resources, including server performance. They also gain capabilities for providing access to reliable information and services in a networked server environment. This unit also develops skills to be able to identify and diagnose possible problems and troubleshoot computer network administration systems using both Windows and Linux operating systems.

This practical “hands-on” unit will teach the essential skills of installing, using, and supporting operating systems and their administrative features. This unit provides students with the necessary training to ensure proficiency in client-server systems installation, utilization, and trouble shooting.

Unit topics:
1. Server technologies and architectures
2. Server and client services
3. Server configuration and management
4. Application servers
5. Administrative domains
6. Emerging trends and case studies

4.1 Course Learning Outcomes
The Course learning outcomes applicable to this unit are listed on the Melbourne Institute of Technology’s website:

4.2 Unit Learning Outcomes

MN506 System Management Assignment-Melbourne Institute of Technology Australia.

MN506 System Management Assignment-Melbourne Institute of Technology Australia.

At the completion of this unit, students should be able to:
a. Analyse and compare various server management systems;
b. Compare emerging tools and techniques for system management;
c. Analyse human usability in systems and documentation within the context of constantly changing modern industry requirements;
d. Plan and implement various application servers for an organisation;
e. Manage servers and resources to support enterprise information systems.

MIT is committed to ensuring the course is current, practical and relevant so that graduates are “work ready” and equipped for life-long learning. In order to accomplish this, the MIT Graduate Attributes identify the required knowledge, skills and attributes that prepare students for the industry.

The level to which Graduate Attributes are covered in this unit is as follows:

Each student is expected to:
1.Attend all scheduled lectures / PBL tutorials and complete all prescribed work by the due date;
2.Read all prescribed text references and other material referred to through out the course;
3.Actively participate via listening in lectures / completing prescribed course work / identifying areas requiring clarification and asking questions in classes to gain clarification.
4.Consistently apply himself/herself to the course throughout the trimester.

Laboratories and PBL tutorials are specifically designed so that students may gain clarification throughout the trimester. Students risk not gaining the necessary clarification of course material if they delay their study rather than consistently applying themselves throughout the trimester.


MN506 System Management Assignment-Melbourne Institute of Technology Australia.

MN506 System Management Assignment-Melbourne Institute of Technology Australia.

Class Participation and Contribution
This unit has class participation and student contribution as an assessment. The assessment task and marking rubric will follow the Guidelines on Assessing Class Participation Further details will be provided in the assessment specification on the type of assessment tasks and the marking rubrics.

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