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Understanding Microbiology

It is the field of science which is known to study different microorganisms in detail. These microorganisms are cellular bodies which are not visible through the naked human eye but that are present everywhere around us. It can be said that there wouldn’t be anything on earth without microorganisms. Scientists studying this field are called as Microbiologists. Microorganisms are omnipresent and they play a very important role in many different natural phenomena like rain, food synthesis, climate changes & many other such actions. Researchers use Microbiology to understand crucial aspects of genetic architecture, physical characteristics and much more.

Branches of Microbiology

  • Bacteriology: This branch of Microbiology is known to specialize in biochemistry of bacteria. We know that bacteria was discovered early in the 18th century by famous physician Robert Koch. Microorganisms contribute hugely in the field of medicine science. They are also responsible for the existence of many different diseases which are spread through water & air.
  • Parasitology: This deals with the study of relation between the guest & host microorganisms who are inter-dependent on one another. This branch has its entire main focus on life disciplines of the concerned microbes & understanding how they survive various phenomenas. This is further divided into 4 sub-categories namely Medical, Veterinary, Quantitative & Structural.
  • Virology: It is the study of different viruses & their evolution along with detailed classification. Viruses are extremely old microbes & therefore this branch holds strong significance. They play major role in medicine science & also forms the basis of the primary genome structure which is called the DNA. This branch also talks about the importance of viruses in human immune system as well as in the concept vaccination.
  • Mycology: This branch of microbiology is related to the study of taxonomy of the organisms like fungi, algae, entheogens and others. This has its main focus on physiology of botanical microbes & understands who they affect the human beings with respect to existence, medicinal advantages, agricultural benefits, vegetation amongst others.

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