MGT701 Leading And Managing Organisations Assignment-Sunshine Coast Australia.

MGT701 Leading And Managing Organisations Assignment Task 3: Group Presentation

Goal: Through a group presentation, demonstrate your advanced oral communication skill, leadership knowledge, and understanding of strategies for effectively leading and working in terms in a business context.

Product: Oral and Written piece
Format: This is a group assessment task, with an individual component.

  1. As a group, prepare for and participate in a presentation about leadership in terms.
  2. Individually, complete a teamwork learning diary and reflection(using the template provided)

This task is being used for measuring assurance of learning towards Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) accreditation. The following Learning Objective will be assessed:

  • Program Learning Objective 2.1- Demonstrate effective leadership and collaboration in terms in a business context.
MGT701 Leading And Managing Organisations

Additional details will be provided in the Assessment area on Blackboard.
Complex Leadership Problem :

You need to use critical and creative thinking to identify what leadership problem could occur when leading virtual teams, and propose solution to those problems.

Additional Details for MGT701 Leading And Managing Organisations Assignment

In the team of 3 or 4 determined by your tutor, prepare and present a presentation about team leadership.

The group output (product & evidence of your team work process through the presentation), along with your individual communication skills, attract 70% of the marks for this assessment task. The group output mark is moderated for each individual in the team, using the process described through an individual learning reflection. The Individual Learning Reflection template (including word count advice)

Contribution of Group Member: As part of the last section of the Individual Learning Reflection, you will need to rate each of your group members from 0-4 in terms of how much they contributed to the group. With 4 being equal contribution and 0 meaning they did not contribute AT ALL. You need to support your rating with evidence (such as minutes of meeting, or documents with track changes). A student who does not contribute equally (when substantiated with evidence), subject to the professional judgement (and possibly further investigation) of the marker, will only be awarded a percentage of the group output mark:

MGT701 Leading And Managing Organisations

The criteria used for this assessment items are:

Group Output (moderated by the Contribution of Group Members)

  • Demonstration of critical and creative thinking to identify and solve complex leadership problems and arrive at innovative solutions (14 marks)

Individual Communication

  • Use of appropriate verbal and non-verbal communication (posture, gesture, eye contact, and vocal expressiveness) (7 marks)

Individual Learning Reflection

  • Knowledge and application of effective group processes (2.25 marks)
  • Use of leadership skills when engaging with team members (2.25 marks)
  • Acknowledgement and facilitation or the strengths and skills of team members (2.25 marks)
  • Individual contribution to the task (2 25 marks)

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