MGT605 Business Capstone Project Assignment 2 – Laureate International University AU.

Subject Code and Title : MGT605 Business Capstone Project
Assessment : Assignment 2. Part A: Final Project Report
Individual/Group Individual
Length 3000 words

Weighting 40%
Context: This subject allows the student to synthesise the knowledge and skills gained from all other
subjects studied up to that point. The main deliverable in the subject is a major project. In this second assessment, the student will submit their final report.
MGT605 Business Capstone Project Assignment 2 – Laureate International University AU.

MGT605 Business Capstone Project Assignment 2 - Laureate International University AU.

Subject Learning Outcomes :
SLO a. Develop and articulate a theoretical or practical perspective on management issues through a substantial applied project
SLO b. Demonstrate collaborative leadership and ownership in the preparation of a significant original body of practical or theoretical work
SLO c. Use specialist research skills to analyse a complex management problem and then synthesise the research,communicating it effectively to both specialist and lay audiences
SLO d. Synthesise concepts from a broad range of previous subjects studied (e.g. finance, marketing, operations), simplifying into an holistic big picture

Instructions :
This report is a succinct piece of your work. It augments your final presentation with the main outcomes of your project and contributes to your ongoing practical or theoretical excellence in your chosen field. The final report should be written in a professional business report format which also adheres to academic writing conventions.

Structure of the report :
You are required to produce a business report which adheres to academic writing conventions. The following format is suggested.

Cover page – provide a cover page with identification information including, your name, the subject and code, the capstone project title, date, word count, etc.

Executive Summary – a 300‐word overview of the entire proposal. Be careful not to use the Executive Summary as an introduction only. An executive summary provides a succinct summary of the content within the report. It presents information in such a way that readers are able to understand the intention and key elements of the report without having to read the entire document.

MGT605 Business Capstone Project Assignment 2 – Laureate International University AU.

MGT605 Business Capstone Project Assignment 2 - Laureate International University AU.

Table of Contents – remember to include page number. It is advisable to learn how to automate the Table of Contents in whatever word‐processing application you will use to write your Assessment.

Context – introduction and background information including a description of the country, the industry, the organisation (case unit) and the problem or opportunity. The introduction sets the scene and provides context for the aim. It provides background to the issues being addressed only.

Aim/purpose of project – the specific aim of the capstone project is to identify the problem or opportunity and to summarise what your project intends to achieve. The aim/purpose statement must be short and stated within one or two sentences at most.

Theoretical overview – this section discusses the concepts/theories/models/frameworks that relate to your project. These concepts/theories/models/frameworks must be those that you have applied in your capstone project.

Method – this section briefly explains how the project was conducted including data collection and analysis. It is not expected that the method section be as detailed as it was in the project proposal. Remember that primary data is not to be used in this capstone project without prior approval from your facilitator.

Analysis and Findings – this section should provide information regarding the analysis you
undertook and what the key findings were. It should also discuss the implications of the

It is essential that your analysis demonstrates understanding and application of relevant concepts and tools from associated subjects. For example, a marketing related project is expected to apply marketing concepts or theory.

Conclusion – the conclusion restates the aim then provides a brief and concise summary of the discussion to demonstrate that the aim of the report has been achieved. No new information is to be included in the conclusion.

Recommendations – this section represent the next steps derived from the report.Recommendations are a set of specific actions that you suggest be done. The recommendations must be supported and justified by the findings. It is important that recommendations remain within the scope of the study. For example, if your project focused on strategy, your recommendations cannot be about human resources management.

References – this list of references must use the correct APA 6th Edition referencing system and list in alphabetical order. It is recommended that you use reference management software such as EndNote or Mendeley to make the job of referencing simple and straight forward. Remember, every factual statement in your report will require academic support (references).

The APA 6th Edition referencing guide can be located in the Academic Writing Guide

Your final report must use and list a minimum of 12 references books & peer‐reviewed journal articles) to theoretical literature sources. You must make sure that all factual statements are referenced. You may have up to 20 data source references (newspaper article, trade publications, websites, company documents, government reports, online databases, social media, etc.).

Unless it is a seminal author, use recent literature sources preferably less than 10 years old.

Appendices – if necessary, include appendices for additional information. This is where you provide supporting material which is unsuitable for inclusion in the body of the report, but still has some value to contribute to the report. Note that the reader has no obligation to read the appendices. Therefore, do not place here any information needed to make your point. Ensure that the body of the report is able to make the point you want without referring to the appendices. Appendices do not contribute to the word count of the report.

MGT605 Business Capstone Project Assignment 2 – Laureate International University AU.

MGT605 Business Capstone Project Assignment 2 - Laureate International University AU.

Diagrams, tables and figures – you may use diagrams, tables and figures in the body of your report. However, keep in mind the academic writing rules for using them. While diagrams, tables and figures do not contribute to the word count, they should not be used to extend the word count. You should not use diagrams, tables and figures as a means of adding new information or replacing narrative paragraphs, but as a way of concisely presenting and summarising information. Information presented in diagrams, tables and figures still needs to be referred to and commented on in the narrative paragraphs. Also remember to use captions to identify your diagrams, tables and figures.

If the diagrams, tables and figures are not your own work, the sources need to be acknowledged.

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