MGT600 Assessment 2 Management People And Teams – Australia

Subject Code & Title :- MGT600 Management People And Teams
Assignment Type :- Assessment 2
Assessment 2 Case Study Presentation and Summary Report
Case Scenario :- Your group is from a well-regarded consultancy firm and has been engaged by your client Green Gen Energy Solutions (GES) to provide advice on addressing a variety of challenges.
MGT600 Assessment 2 Management People And Teams – Australia

MGT600 Assessment 2 Management People And Teams - Australia

GES is a multi-national publicly listed provider of alternative renewable power solutions.Their services include consultation design and construction of power generation assets to clients in mining agriculture and essential services such as hospitals. GES is headquartered in Sydney Australia and has 8000 employees including 6400 permanent staff and 1600 contractors across its operations in Australia China USA and Germany. GES clients are global and to date GES has delivered projects on every continent.

GES was established in 2002 and has grown steadily to be a mid-tier player in its industry. The Chief Executive Officer Christine Elmore has ambitious plans to expand the business offerings to include asset management and maintenance but is under pressure from the Board to increase efficiencies and profit in the next 2 years

In planning for the future the executive team have agreed that GES can create a competitive advantage
through a greater focus on recruiting recognised specialists, managing employee performance and engagement and creating a team culture which can work in an agile environment and exceed customer

The CEO believes there are problems with the organisation’s culture and sees significant differences between sites across the globe. She is determined to break down the organisational silos which have stifled communication and collaboration.

In a meeting with the Chief Human Resources Officer James Crawford you have been advised that in the last 6 months several highly skilled candidates have rejected employment offers due to the inability of GES to compete with offerings from competitors.

MGT600 Assessment 2 Management People And Teams – Australia

Additionally the results of a recent staff survey indicated a concerning decline in staff engagement.
Contributing factors cited by staff include poor direction from management unrealistic performance
expectations and limited development opportunities.

The COVID 19 pandemic has forced many to work-from-home. GES is now asking staff to return to the
workplace but this is being met with some resistance.

The CEO’s goal is to be a dominant player in the global market.To this end three objectives have been set to achieve in the next two years:

1.Increase the skills of managers to manage performance at both individual and team levels across a diverse workforce;

2.Create a talent pipeline to ensure the attraction and development of specialists in key service areas

3.Establish the team for a Project Management Office to embed appropriate disciplines across the business.

Your task is to produce a report and presentation covering your research findings and recommendations on how these three objectives could be achieved.Of course the task involves using relevant concepts models you have studied in this subject. You will need to apply the relevant concepts/models to figure out how each of the objectives can be achieved and to come up with recommendations.

To assist you in getting started your group should consider the following questions (please note that these questions are not meant to be the sections of your report):

• What is your methodology approach to tackle this task and how will you conduct your analysis of GES’ management of people and teams?
• What real world case studies can be used to support your analysis and recommendations?
• What assumptions and or limitations have you made or applied which will impact your analysis or
• Together with your recommendations to each of the three objectives, consider how the change can
be implemented

NOTE: This case scenario is entirely fictitious. Similarity of company or manager names is purely coincidental.

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