MGT501 Internal And External Stakeholder Analysis Business Environment Assignment 2 – AU.

Subject Code and Title : MGT501 – Business Environment
Assessment : Internal and External Stakeholder Analysis
Individual/Group : Individual
Length : Up to 2,500 words
Learning Outcomes : The Subject Learning Outcomes demonstrated by successful completion of the task below include:
c. Analyse and synthesise the fundamentals of business practices in the contemporary environment.
d. Construct and justify a professional value proposition as a business practitioner.
MGT501 Internal And External Stakeholder Analysis Business Environment Assignment 2 – AU.

MGT501 Internal And External Stakeholder Analysis Business Environment Assignment 2 - AU.

Assessment Task :
Critically analyse stakeholder theory in a real-life business or a project setting with specific emphasis on relevant internal and external environment factors. In doing so you are required to employ a stake holder matrix and mapping techniques to determine the extent of stakeholder influence and interest.

Context :-
Stake holder analysis is a technique for identifying stakeholders and analysing their roles in a given business or project scenario.The aim of the analysis is to map out and manage the stakeholders level of influence and degree of interest. Stake holder analysis can also be used to assess the relationships between different stake holders as well as the issues they care about in the internal and external business environments.

Internal stakeholders are individuals or groups who are directly involved in a business project and includes owners board members managers employees and investors. External stake holders such as customers suppliers competitors society and government are stakeholders who are indirectly impacted and influenced by the business or project activities.

Understanding both internal and external stakeholders of a business/project is important as it helps to:
• engage and enhance communication with relevant stakeholders
• reduce/prevent/manage risks and identify opportunities
• improve internal stakeholder commitment, and
• improve business reputation amongst external stakeholders.

Instructions :

1.Selection of the business or a project scenario
You are required to select a verifiable real-life business organisation or a specific business project in an industry related to your course of study/area of specialisation (e.g. MGPM MEM MBA MBIS GCBA).

The chosen business/project can be one that you have worked for or would like to work for in the future. Please note that the chosen business/project MUST be approved by your Learning Facilitator before it can be used in your Assessment 2 Discussion Forum activities and Assessment 2 Report.

2.Assessment 2 Discussion Forum activity
• As a crucial aspect of Assessment 2 report, you are REQUIRED to complete the following discussion forum learning activities in Modules 3.1, 3.2, 4.1 and 4.2:
o Module 3.1 Learning Activity 1 Assessment 2 Discussion Forum Topic 1
o Module 3.2 Learning Activity 1 Assessment 2 Discussion Forum Topic 2
o Module 4.1 Learning Activity 1 Assessment 2 Discussion Forum Topic 3
o Module 4.2 Learning Activity 1 Assessment 2 Discussion Forum Topic 4

• Each of these learning activities requires you to address a given topic as it relates to your chosen business organisation or project and subsequently post your responses in relevant discussion forums. In addition on each Discussion Forum topic you are also required to comment on the response posted by one of your peers in a dissimilar industry and business/project.
• It is very important to NOTE that completion of these four discussion forum activities will help you to build up information and resources required for your Assessment 2 Report stakeholder analysis.
• Please refer to Modules 3.1, 3.2, 4.1 and 4.2 Learning Activities sections for more information about completing these learning activities. Please NOTE that your contributions to the Assessment 2 Discussion Forum learning activities will be graded as part of your Assessment 2 Report (see assessment 2 rubric for more details).

3.Based on the selected business organisation or project you are required to write an up to 2500-word report on its internal and external stakeholder analysis.

Please note that the business or the project selected for Assessment 2 Discussion Forum Topics 1-4 must be the same as the business/project selected for the stakeholder analysis report. Failure to adhere to this requirement may result to a zero grade in Assessment 2.

4.The stakeholder analysis report should address the following points:
• Identify and analyse the functional areas of the business/project.
• Scan the macroeconomy for recent developments and comment on the future economic outlook of the business.Based on verifiable evidence discussion MUST include the current macroeconomic environment industry outlook and competition landscape.
• Identify the important internal and external stakeholders and comment on their interests and level of engagement in the business/project.
• Create a stakeholder matrix, and corresponding stakeholder mappings.
• From the discussion forums choose a peers contribution which MUST be in an unrelated industry and business project to yours.Then compare your industry and business/project against that of your chosen peers.
NOTE: if your assessment is on a project, it MUST be compared against another project in an unrelated industry.
• You are required to support your observations statements and claims with relevant theoretical and conceptual frame works including evidence from credible sources.
Note: PESTEL and Porters 5 Forces are good tools to help you identify most of the external stakeholders.

5.Structure and format of the report
Your individual stakeholder analysis should follow standard report structure and include the following:
• Cover page: You MUST use the formal Torrens University cover sheet.
• Executive Summary: Provide a concise summary of the report in bullet points.

Introduction : The aim of the report and background information about the selected business project.
Main body:
o Identify the functional areas of the business project.
o Present the macroeconomic scenario and outlook.
o Identify internal and external stakeholders and their roles.
o Identify the nature and degree of main stakeholders interests and implications of conflicting interests.
o Identify the level of the main stakeholders influence.
o Create a stakeholder matrix and corresponding stakeholder mappings.
o From the discussion forums choose a peer’s contribution which MUST be in a dissimilar industry and business project to yours. Against your peers:

MGT501 Internal And External Stakeholder Analysis Business Environment Assignment 2 – AU.

MGT501 Internal And External Stakeholder Analysis Business Environment Assignment 2 - AU.
  • Compare your industry and business project operations analyse the competition landscape and
  • Identify the main points of stakeholder dissimilarities and analyse the differences in their interests and influences.

Conclusion: summarise the aim and findings of the report.There should not be any new information that was not captured in the introduction and main body in the conclusion
• References
• Appendices
You are REQUIRED to include the responses of the Discussion Forum activities (i.e. your responses and critique of your peers responses) as Appendix. (Note: You can copy screenshot and paste your Discussion Forum activities in the appendices).

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