MGT501 Final Reflection Business Environment Assignment 3 – Australia.

Subject Code and Title :- MGT501 – Business Environment
Assessment :- Final Reflection
Individual/Group :- Individual
Length :- 5 minutes
Weighting :- 30%
Learning Outcomes :- The Subject Learning Outcomes demonstrated by successful completion of the task below include:
a) Apply conceptual knowledge of reflective practice in a business context.
b) Critically evaluate business principles and stakeholders view points in global environments.
c) Analyse and synthesise the fundamentals of business practices in the contemporary environment.
d) Construct and justify a professional value proposition as a business practitioner.
MGT501 Final Reflection Business Environment Assignment 3 – Australia.

MGT501 Final Reflection Business Environment Assignment 3 - Australia.

Assessment Task :-
Through a 5-minute video presentation this assessment requires you to conduct a Final Reflection on your learning experiences and how they have evolved during the course of this subject. To achieve this task you are required to revisit the Initial Reflection you completed for Assessment 1 where you examined what motivated you to undertake your current course of study.

Context :-
Self-reflection is a way of assessing yourself and understanding the reasons for your life experiences. It is about analysing what you do why you do it as well as its future implications. Self reflection also enhances self awareness which provides a solid basis for empathy and good leadership. Most importantly it enables you to develop your skills and ability to strengthen reflective inquiries with theoretical evidence: a theory-practice interface. This assessment provides you with an opportunity to reflect on your learning subject content so far and how they can be applied to advance/enhance your reflective business practices.

Instructions :-
1.Create a 5 minute video presentation to reflect on your learning experiences in this subject. This requires you to compare your thinking at the start of the subject to now as you are nearing its completion. In other words with respect to your course of study you should reflect on how your under standing of business project environment has changed since the start of this subject.

2.Presentation Questions:
The presentations should address the following questions along with any other relevant points you may wish to add:
• Has your understanding of the business environment and its economic principles changed?
• What are your professional goals?
• How does what you have learned relate to your present and future career professional aspirations?
• As you think about the future how might you apply your learning experiences in the life of your career profession?
• What would you do to further your professional development outside of formal studies?

3.Key points to consider:
• Please focus on how the subject content has shaped your thinking about the interface between the business environment and your future career professional aspirations.
• The video presentation needs to include lessons learnt throughout the subject and how these lessons can be integrated into your professional life.

4.Important tips for creating your video presentation
• Power Point Prezi slides are NOT permitted.
• You MUST properly display show your Torrens University student photo identification at the beginning of your presentation. Failure to adhere to this instruction would automatically be considered an academic integrity breach.
• You MUST also enclose a formal Torrens University cover sheet in the recording. Alternatively you can enclose it as a separate document The assessment submission link accepts multiple submissions.
• Make sure to introduce yourself and the reason for the presentation.
• You MUST also state and adhere to ONE (1) verifiable reflective model (e.g., Gibbs, 1988). Please use the model’s reflective stages as your presentation headings main body.
• Be specific and clear, as you will be assessed on originality and authenticity.
• Pay attention to video and audio quality sincerity of presentation clarity of your perspective and over all impact on the audience.
• Your presentation must be in video format (e.g., mp4, MOV, etc.).
• Please enclose your reference listing at the end of your video presentation. Alternatively your reference listing can be enclosed as a separate document The assessment submission link accepts multiple submissions.

MGT501 Final Reflection Business Environment Assignment 3 – Australia.

5. are strongly advised to frequently read through the rubric as you write because it is the evaluation guide with criteria for grading your assignment.

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