MGH1201 Assignment Report – Australia

Subject Code & Title :- MGH1201 Report
Task Length: equivalent to 2500-word report (advertisement and report)
Task Weight: 40%
Task description : This assessment covers the topics in the hiring process particularly focusing on recruitment and selection.
MGH1201 Assignment Report – Australia

MGH1201 Assignment Report - Australia

Task Requirements:
Amazing Fashion a fashion boutique which offers the latest fashion in women’s and men’s wear. Amazing Fashion is owned by fashion model, Madam Butterfly. Her passion in fashion has led her to open two fashion boutiques: one in Melbourne and one in Sydney. Because of her contacts in the fashion industry Madam Butterfly is able to source for the latest fashion which targets to customers who have high fashion sense. Amazing Fashion’s customers are usually businessmen and businesswomen who are willing to pay for high fashion.

Madam Butterfly believes in providing high customer service. She calls her sales staff as fashion consultant and calls the store manager as ‘fashion manager’. All staff are expected to provide a high level of quality customer service and commitment to their work.

Madam Butterfly provides attractive financial and non-financial rewards to hire and retain the best staff. Although the staff are paid a minimum monthly wage the incentives are attractive. A few of the perks include:

i.1% commission on every sale they made.

ii.$50 bonus when the store hit the monthly sales target.

iii.1 month bonus at the end of the financial year when the store hit the yearly sales target.

iv.10% staff discount.

v.$50 reward to the staff who receives a customer service index (CSI) of 100% calculated monthly.

vi.Each staff member receives a $200 Amazing Fashion voucher as a birthday gift.

vii.Opportunities to attend training and development programs.

viii.The top fashion consultant has the opportunity to travel with Madam Butterfly to Paris

The fashion boutique is open seven days a week, from 9 am to 5 pm. Staff are rostered to work for five days a week including Saturday and Sunday. They are expected to work at least two Saturdays and two Sundays a month.

The business is expanding. Madam Butterfly needs to recruit additional 2 fashion consultants for the Melbourne and 3 fashion consultants for the Sydney stores.

Based on the above scenario you need to complete the following tasks for this Assessment 2:
(i) You are required to prepare a recruitment advertisement. Your goal is to attract the best fashion consultants to join Amazing Fashion. Remember, you need to apply the AIDA principles to develop an effective recruitment advertisement that is suitable for posting online and on paper. The goal is to communicate a realistic message not a negative one.
(ii) Then prepare a written report which requires you to:
a. identify and justify the selection criteria.
b. identify and justify which recruitment methods you would use to attract the best staff to apply for the job.
c. identify and justify which selection methods you would use in the selection process.

MGH1201 Assignment Report – Australia

MGH1201 Assignment Report - Australia

In assessing this work, I will be looking for your ability to:

1.Apply the AIDA principle to develop an effective recruitment advertisement.

2.Identify and justify the selection criteria.

3.Identify and justify the choices of recruitment methods.

4.Identify and justify the choices of selection methods.

5.Write and present professionally with proper APA text-citation and full-referencing.

(We are encouraging students to use studiosity. Pay attention to the feedback received on how you could improve your academic writing. Screen shot the feedback received and attached it to the back of the report after the list of references. Refer to the rubric and the report format on the LMS).

Estimated Student Workload : 4 hours
See Separate Marking Rubric for the detailed marking allocation.

Links to Subject Learning Outcomes : Subject learning outcomes 2 and 4 are assessed in this task.

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