MAN5402 Project Scheduling & Control Assignment-Edith Cowan University Australia.

Learning outcomes of MAN5402 Project Scheduling & Control Assignment

Knowledge & Insight, Applied – Apply critical thinking and technical skills to solve authentic business problems in project management
2.1. Conceptualise problems or situations (investigate, analyse, synthesise
and evaluate)
2.2. Apply technical skills to authentic situations
2.3. Solve complex problems

Preparation of MAN5402 Project Scheduling & Control Assignment

Before starting this assessment, you should have engaged with the weekly material from all modules and have understood and acted on any feedback from previous unit assessments. This is not a group assignment. It is an individual assignment to be completed by yourself.

MAN5402 Project Scheduling & Control

Assessment instructions

  • For this assessment, you are required to create a set of responses to address each of the questions asked.
  • There is a 5000-word limit for this assignment, although this does not include the front sheet, contents page and reference list. Words beyond 5000 will not be assessed. The word count must appear at the end of the assignment.
  • References must be APA 7th compliant.
  • You should use your answer to each question to demonstrate your cumulative learning from the unit.
  • You are advised to do this by reading each question, analysing and critically evaluating any relevant information, and producing an answer that helps to address and solve each problem or statement.
  • The best way to achieve this is to research and conceptualise each problem, and then identify the relevant issues using investigation, analysis, evaluation and synthesis.
  • Where appropriate you should provide justified solutions and/or recommendations. These may require you to read more widely and deeply than the material provided in Blackboard, and you are encouraged to read relevant academic journal articles and professional blogs.

Assignment Questions

Q1. Assume that you have been approached by the local small business association to give project scheduling advice to one of their members, Ella Green. Ella is planning to start a new business “up cycling” old and discarded household furniture. She has experience of doing this as a hobby in her own home, but now wishes to rent a small business premises and employ a few people to help her. She has a budget of $150,000. Prepare a professional business-like video presentation for Ella summarising what tasks might be needed to make her project a reality, and the order in which you recommend they be undertaken so that the project can be completed in the shortest amount of time possible. Be realistic with any estimates you provide when preparing your presentation and consult reputable websites when conducting your research. The video presentation should last no more than 10 minutes and should be recorded using Panopto. Assume that Ella does not understand any technical project information and would like you to summarise your advice using straight-forward but accurate language in a professional way.[14 marks]

Q2. Following the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, many large Australian businesses may seek to use projects to change how they operate. Choose a particular Australian business sector, and then using an example based on your chosen sector, discuss with reasons whether newer project scheduling techniques such as “Agile” and “Critical Chain” have any advantages over
traditional “waterfall” project scheduling techniques when it comes to delivering better and faster outcomes. Support your answer with reference to business articles, project processes and academic literature. [12 marks]

Q3. Community gardens are becoming extremely popular in Australia. assume you are the project manager for a similar community garden project near to where you live. Outline how you would monitor and control such a project, ensuring that you refer to established project processes when developing your answer, and that you discuss the likely problems that you might encounter if many of the people involved are volunteers and if the budget is limited. [12 marks]

Q4. As project manager, given the actual cost (AC), earned value (EV), and planned value (PV) in the following options, identify which of these activities most deserves your immediate attention, ensuring that you justify your answer by explaining your reasoning and showing your calculations for each activity.
Activity A. AC = $2,400 and EV = $3,000
Activity B. AC = $3,000 and EV = $2,900
Activity C. AC = $3,000 and EV = $3,200
Activity D. PV = $3,000 and EV = $2,900 [12 marks]

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