LWS101 Problem Solving Exercise Assessment 2 – Australia

Subject Code & Title :- LWS101 Problem Solving Exercise
Weight: 40%
Maximum Work Limit: 1600 words this word limit includes all headings in-text references direct quotes sections of the Codes but excludes the reference list and any cover sheet). Please note there is no 10% leeway. Words exceeding the stipulated word count will not be taken into account. Of course you may submit with less than 1600 words though.
LWS101 Problem Solving Exercise Assessment 2 – Australia

LWS101 Problem Solving Exercise Assessment 2 - Australia

Students must:
• Not copy the facts of the question and include them in your assignment unnecessarily.
• Not exceed a word count of 1600 words. As noted about there is no leeway of 10% except that you can submit less than 1600 words). Words exceeding 1600 words will not be marked.
• You do not need to include a cover page.
• You must put your name and student number and the word count at the top of the document.
You must identify the exact number of words in your problem-solving exercise. If it is found that you have inaccurately recorded the total number of words, and your assignment is found to be over the word limit material contained in the body of the assignment that appears over the word limit will not be marked.

LWS101 Problem Solving Exercise Assessment 2 – Australia

Formatting Instructions
• Do not attach appendices to your problem-solving exercise.
• Use 12 pt, arial or times new roman font with 1.5 spacing.

Eve is a Registered Nurse (RN) employed by Queensland Health, who currently works in a family planning clinic based in Brisbane. Eve’s job includes the provision of sexual health advice and services to young people who attend the clinic.

Eve was asked to see Ola who is 15 years old. Ola is generally a very sensible girl who is intelligent and positive in her out look. She attended the clinic during a drop in session so that she could obtain sexual and reproductive health advice.

As the discussion unfolded it became apparent to Eve that Ola is engaging in sexual activity very regularly with many different partners. When questioned about this further Ola became agitated saying she was simply seeking some advice about safe sex. Eve provided Ola with information about sexually transmitted infections and the ways to reduce the risk of contracting such infections. Eve asked Ola whether she was using any protection at which point Ola burst into tears and said ‘What difference does it make now? Dad’s been doing it to me for years at home. When Eve tried to seek more information Ola said ‘Please don’t tell anyone about that or anything else I’ve told you. After Ola leaves the clinic RN Eve notices that Ola’s emergency contact details list her mother. Eve wonders if she should tell Ola’s mother what Ola has divulged to her about her sexual activity. She is also unsure whether she needs to take further action about what Ola has said goes on at home.

LWS101 Problem Solving Exercise Assessment 2 – Australia

LWS101 Problem Solving Exercise Assessment 2 - Australia

Apply the ethical and legal decision-making framework to this scenario.

Please note that correctly following the ethical and legal decision making frame work taught in tutorials is crucial to passing this assessment piece.

This is not an essay.
If you don’t know what the framework is – or have no idea how to go about applying it – tutorials are your friend!

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