LEGL3111 Law Assignment 1 – Australia.

Subject Code & Title :- LEGL3111 Law
Assessment Type :- Assignment 1
Weighting :- 25%
Maximum Word Limit : 1500 words, +/- 10%
LEGL3111 Law Assignment 1 – Australia.

LEGL3111 Law Assignment 1 - Australia.

Marty Wilkins has established a start-up company that is looking to deliver puncture repair kits to stranded cyclists, by drone. The company is located in Newcastle, NSW, and is named “Bike Drop”.

Marty operates out of a co-working space in the West End of Newcastle, named “2gethA”.This means he rents a desk in a large building where other start-ups companies and young professionals who are freelancing rent a desk and share a co-working space (including meeting rooms, and a receptionist).

Bike Drop requires bespoke software to be created to operate the drones it intends to use.Marty has the skills to develop the software, but doesn’t have the time, as he is too busy doing the marketing and promotion for Bike Drop. Whilst at 2 geth A, Marty meets Simon Withers. Simon also rents a desk at the co-working space and is an IT specialist with skills in software development. Simon does some freelance work and operates from 2 geth A so that he has meeting facilities he can use and to be able to meet other young professionals and pick up work.

Marty and Simon get talking. Marty explains what he is doing, and Simon gets excited and proposes a “collaboration”. Marty makes clear that he is not interested in a business partner but does require “an IT specialist”. Simon tells Marty that “work-life balance” and “flexibility” are important to him. After some emails back and forward and a few lattes, Marty and Simon agree on the following:

LEGL3111 Law Assignment 1 – Australia.

LEGL3111 Law Assignment 1 - Australia.

1.Bike Drop will pay Simon $30 an hour for software services.

2.Simon will only be available between 9-6 pm, Monday-Friday, and 9-12 pm Saturday.

3.Simon must prioritise work for Bike Drop over work he does for anyone else.

4.Simon will perform 38 hours a week of software development.

5.Simon must continue to rent a desk at 2gethA but will move his desk next to Marty.

6.Marty will have access to the software and review it regularly and Bike Drop will “own” the software once it is produced.

7.Marty and Simon will schedule a reoccurring meeting for “weekly software progress review and approval”.

8.Bike Drop will provide Simon with a high-powered specialist laptop to produce the software and the laptop must stay at 2 Geth A.

Marty and Simon shake hands but do not commit anything to writing. About a week later,Simon asks Marty when he’ll be paid. Marty says he will pay him on a fortnightly basis by EFT. With each deposit, Marty emails him a word document saved as “Simon Invoice” that displays the hours Simon has worked and the amount paid to him.

After a couple of weeks, Marty asks Simon to attend a series of meetings with potential clients. Because the potential clients are located overseas, the meetings are scheduled for 9 pm. Marty says to Simon: “I will give you $40 for out of hours meetings”. The next time Simon is paid, he receives a separate amount on the invoice for “out of hours work”. Simon is referred to in meetings with potential clients as “Bike Drop’s Chief Developer”.

After about six months developing software, Marty and Simon travel to visit a client in Broken Hill. Whilst at a meeting, Simon’s laptop battery explodes, and he is badly burned. Simon let his own insurance lapse once he started developing software for Marty, so he explores whether he is eligible for a workers compensation payment.

LEGL3111 Law Assignment 1 – Australia.

LEGL3111 Law Assignment 1 - Australia.

Assume that Simon’s workers compensation claim will be successfully if he is found to be an employee of Bike Drop. Is Simon an employee of Bike Drop or is he an independent contractor?

Note 1: You do not need to identify whether the valid elements of a contract exist (offer, acceptance, consideration, etc). You can assume there is a valid contract.

Note 2: Please include a reference list. The list does not count towards the word count.

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