ITECH2001 Game Development Fundamentals Assignment-Federation University Australia.

Game overview:
Run and save game is a single player platform game in which the player has to cross different places and flight against enemies to save his friend or family member who is locked in the end. In his whole journey he has to collect the points and equipment which are available in the path and those points and equipment will help the player to face different challenges like fighting with enemy, crossing river and overcoming other critical situations. In this game the projection of the camera will be on the first person or the third person.
ITECH2001 Game Development Fundamentals Assignment-Federation University Australia.

ITECH2001 Game Development Fundamentals Assignment-Federation University Australia.

The game is mainly inspired by a well-known platform game series named “SUPER MARIO”. The idea taken from the super mario series is of fighting with enemies with further addition of different locations like river, mountain and many more. In addition to it instead of reaching the flag the player have to save the person at the end to clear the level.


The main idea of the game is to spread the feeling of love and friendship.

Story and characters:
The game is all about saving a person. The name of the main character will be“AVI” who is going to save a person who is locked by his enemy. The person locked can be his friend or family member who is within for AVI to come and save him from the enemy. Avi is very kindhearted person who is always ready to help his friend and family members that is why he is loved by everyone. In addition to it Avi is also a type of person who is never afraid of challenges and in fact he loves to face challenging situation because he believes that challenges help a person to grow.

ITECH2001 Game Development Fundamentals Assignment-Federation University Australia.

In the game the player have to reach to the end so that he can unlock the caged person in between he’ll meet enemies and to fight with them he have to collect points and other tools available in the path. Furthermore, the tools and points will not only help him to fight with enemies but will also help him to cross different locations. For instance, in the game the player have to cross a river when he’ll reach the river bank he will have two options either to swim through it or the second option he will have only if he have enough points as by using those points he’ll be able to unlock the tree bridge which make it easy for him to cross the river.

If the player does not have enough points:

If the player has enough points:

Once the player will reach the end successfully then his friend will be free but if he failed to reach the end the game will be over.

ITECH2001 Game Development Fundamentals Assignment-Federation University Australia.


  • Space:
    The game is designed in 3D where all the artwork is designed in 3D. The player can move forward as well as up and down in order to jump and hit the enemies. All the points and tools will be built in 3D. There will be a path and the player will not be able to come out of that. There can be many possible camera setups which will help the user to play the game properly.
  • Time:
    The game will be played in real passage of time where player can pause the came for a while but there will be no time limit for the player to reach the end but the player has to kill all the enemies. There will be absolute timing of recovering the tools and other equipment and using any special power which he’ll be gaining by collecting enough game points.
  • Objects:
    The objects in the game will be the player itself, the enemies, and tools which the player will use to face the situations such as points, guns and many more.
  • Actions:
    The actions which the player will perform is to jump over the enemies or use the tools collected to kill them. Moreover, the player has to go through different locations has to cross rivers, mountains etc. At the end player have to unlock the caged person.
  • Rules:
    The game will have basic rules like the player have to kill all the enemies and cross all the locations to reach the end. If the player is using a tool the tool will stay active for few seconds and after that the player have to collect more tools and points. The player can only use special techniques if he have enough points to unlock it.
  • Skill:
    The skills which the player will poses is of fighting with enemies, jumping over them. The player will also be able to swim through the rivers and climb the hills or the mountains.
  • Chance:
    The player will get the chance to regain his energy after coming in contact with the enemy only if he has enough points.

Level design:
The levels of the game are all about saving the person, hitting the enemies and cross the locations and other obstacles. With the increase in level the difficulty of the game will also increase. The player then has to face more difficulties and encounter more enemies. If the player will meet the enemy, he has to either jump over it or kill it by the tool he has. If the player will fail to do so then he’ll die and the game will be over but if he has already collected enough points before in the game then he can recover himself if he wish to do so. Once the player will reach the locked person the person will be free, and the game will end. After clearing a particular level, the player will be able to unlock the next level which will a bit tough from the previous one.

ITECH2001 Game Development Fundamentals Assignment-Federation University Australia.

The level map of the game from which the given game is inspired is given below:

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