IS4100 CRM Systems Assignment-Kristiania University College Norway

SWEETS AS sells boxes of chocolates to business customers in larger Oslo area. Ever since the company was established in 2015, sales have risen every year. You have previously assisted SWEETS AS implementing an
ERP solution (SAP Business One) to integrate the departments within the company. After the implementation of the ERP, the production capacity of the company has significantly increased and therefore they need to be better at selling and marketing themselves. In addition, they want to get better at customer service.
IS4100 CRM Systems Assignment-Kristiania University College Norway

IS4100 CRM Systems Assignment-Kristiania University College Norway

After production capacity was improved, the number of customers increased dramatically. Customers today include SMEs where these companies buy candy in bulk and give out gifts to their customers and
employees. But sales and customer service departments have unfortunately not been happy with the ERP sales, marketing, and customer care modules and solutions. This has led to a lot of extra work and unhappy customers. Therefore, SWEETS AS is considering implementing a CRM solution in order to be better at selling, serving, and helping customers.

You are asked to help SWEETS AS to develop a CRM strategy, make a plan for the implementation of their CRM solution (MS Dynamics 365 CRM or Suite CRM), and especially aid them get started with sales, marketing and customer service.

There have been major changes in the number of employees in the company after the ERP implementation,but they have become more effective in their work. The part-time employees have now become full-time
employees, and one person has been hired to conduct the marketing of the company’s products. 28 individuals are employed in SWEETS AS. Including administration and finance (2), the IT department (2),Purchasing (2), packaging and production (10), outbound logistics (3), sales (3), marketing (3), and customer care (3).

Task 1
Develop a CRM strategy for SWEETS AS. The CRM strategy must at least contain the target, goal and vision,KPIs, assessment of social media, and a plan for sales, marketing and customer care.

Task 2
SWEETS AS has narrowed down their choices to Suite CRM or Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM.

  • Discuss critically; what would be the most appropriate system for SWEETS AS? And why? Explain and argue-for and against the two scenarios and give the company a recommendation. It is advised to use a tabular comparison.
  • Illustrate what is meant by Analytical CRM systems, and how their capabilities differ from / or relate to the traditional CRM systems. Provide examples of their use and application in organizations.

IS4100 CRM Systems Assignment-Kristiania University College Norway

IS4100 CRM Systems Assignment-Kristiania University College Norway

Task 3
Sweet AS wants you to establish a protocol for evaluating the CRM system implementation after it is completed.

  • Can you evaluate a CRM implementation directly after the Go-live? Argue for and elaborate on your Yes or No answer.
  • Which factors will you use to measure and evaluate the success of the CRM project?
  • When would it be problematic to evaluate and measure these factors or to evaluate the degree of an IS project success in general?

Practical Information
Missing information in the case text can be added by the student. For example, the student can add a scenario to the case illustrated above if needed.
IS4100 CRM Systems Assignment-Kristiania University College Norway

IS4100 CRM Systems Assignment-Kristiania University College Norway

o The exam should have introduction, body, conclusion and references. Use the APA 6th style or Numbered style for references and inline citations. This exam will be delivered as a single document without attachments.
o The exam should take between 4 to 6 hours of work.
o The student must submit individually. The result should be between of 1,300-1,500 words,including the introduction, body, conclusion and reference list. The comparison tables can be added at the end of the document as an appendix if extra space is needed. Plagiarism cases will be treated seriously.

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