IRHR3540 Staffing International Operations Assignment 2

Subject Code & Title :-  IRHR3540 Staffing International Operations
Assessment Type :- Written Assignment
Purpose :- The purpose of this assignment is to introduce you to the competing interests and tensions within HRM at an international level.
IRHR3540 Staffing International Operations Assignment 2

IRHR3540 Staffing International Operations Assignment 2

Description Assignment Brief
You are the HR Director of a large Australian owned multi national.
The organisation has over seas operations in the following countries:
i. Indonesia
ii. Sweden
iii. France
iv. Spain
v. India
vi. Mexico
vii. Iran
viii. Thailand

You require 5 of your section managers to take an expatriate position. In fact it is essential. The positions are each 2 years in duration and the successful candidate would ideally be ready to depart in 4 weeks.

JOB :-

Experience and your University literature tells you however, that you are going to find it difficult to get your Australian managers to expatriate. This is due to many competing interests between peoples personal situations and needs and the organisations strategic operational and financial needs.

SELECTION – policies and procedures :-

You don’t want to resort to intimidation. It would be much better for relations if people willingly volunteered. But to attain this, you are going to have to make the employment conditions and sales pitch highly informative and attractive (to cover questions and concerns of the candidates but you are also limited to the financial constraints of the organisation.

IRHR3540 Staffing International Operations Assignment 2


The characteristics of your candidate pool include the following profiles:  POOL

IRHR3540 Staffing International Operations Assignment 2

Your job :-

Choose one country from the list above and design an attractive recruitment package to encourage your managers to apply. If you prefer further contextualisation you may choose an industry and a managerial position that you prefer.

1. An information package including a one page HR marketing tool. This one page marketing tool should be at the front of your information package. The main objective of the inclusion of this marketing tool is to gain the interest of any staff member to read your information package and make further enquiries.

2. The information package is a vital element to this assignment as it will provide information to potential candidates regarding any concerns they may have and the employment package.You must provide information on:

– IR employment regulation
– Repatriation
– Approach to compensation

AND at least two other areas of IHRM that have been presented in workshops prior to week 11.

IRHR3540 Staffing International Operations Assignment 2

IRHR3540 Staffing International Operations Assignment 2

General :-
1. Remember choosing the wrong candidate is expensive so ensure that your information package is tailored to ‘getting it right’.
2. Consider all elements of or where discrimination against some potential candidates is likely to occur.
3. Remember this is an HR assignment. While some marketing or numbers flair may be utilised in places this will be noted as ‘shine’ only and will address only the presentation component unless it is specific to the content of HR.
4. Your text book and workshop discussions will provide a useful starting point however you will need to access other IHRM texts journal articles and relevant websites for the factual information.

Referencing – Harvard or APA style is required. You are not required to in text reference your one page marketing tool, but please remember it is to be your own creative work and will still be open to originality checks. Where necessary you should provide a reference list. You must reference the material in the information package according to the usual academic conventions.

When approaching and designing your one page marketing tool and information package consider:

a. Common reasons for low take up and how you will overcome them.
b. The diversity of the potential candidates and how you can reach them all this means that you should consider as many alternatives as possible
c. Your solutions must be practical and achievable. This is reflected in the marking guide and drives the quality of your response which will be graded accordingly.

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