International Business Environment Assignment – Australia

Unit Title :- International Business Environment
Assessment Type :- Assignment
Case study: Haigh’s Chocolates
Haigh’s Chocolates is a historic South Australian Business
It was 1st of may 1915 when Alfred E Haigh opened the doors of the very first Haighs Chocolates store in the Beehive Building at 34 King William Street Adelaide South Australia.
International Business Environment Assignment – Australia

International Business Environment Assignment - Australia

Today Haigh’s has 21 retail stores Seven stores in Adelaide including the historic Beehive Corner seven in Melbourne including a store within the beautiful heritage listed Block Arcade, six in Sydney including the newest store in Castle Towers and Monaro Mall Canberra Centre in the nation’s capital. Haigh’s products are also available to purchase online. and they ship Australia wide.

You have been given a task to analyse  two potential over seas markets (countries): (1) Japan and (2) U.S.A. for potential international expansion.

You are then asked to evaluate them by taking into account the key challenges opportunities risks demand and etc associated with each country. You then need to prepare a detailed expansion proposal for the board of directors and recommend which one of these two markets do you believe  will be most appropriate for international expansion of the business.

The Board of Directors will use the information included in your report to arrive at their final decision.

When preparing the report you are required to link your arguments to the course content conduct online search and use relevant information data to support your viewpoints/ recommendations.

Suggested Procedure: 

1.Analyse the company’s host country (Australia) and briefly explain its status before the potential overseas expansion. (Use Porter’s Diamond Model)

2.Evaluate each of the two potential expansion markets (U.S.A. and Japan) against key concepts/principles discussed in the relevant weeks (Weeks 1-4):
a. Key Participants
b. Different types of risks
c. Cross cultural similarities and differences

3.Based on your analysis and evaluation of different markets recommend which overseas market in your opinion will be most appropriate for the company to expand into. Include justification for your recommended choice.

4.Explain how the proposed expansion will  enhance Haigh’s current sales/revenue/profitability etc.

Finding and citing information
You must write the proposal based upon any publicly available information that you can find on Haigh’s.  

Please do not contact the company for any additional information.

To support your arguments you may use both authentic information about the company as well as presumed information to complement the authentic information that you have found. Wherever presumed information is used, you will need to include some reasonable justification for it.

Make use of the relevant databases Passport GMID Company360 D&B Hoovers IbisWorld  etc to find relevant  information about any particular company industry or country etc

Paraphrasing and Harvard Referencing
To strengthen your view point, you are encouraged to take help from the relevant literature e.g  journals articles books industry profiles reviews newspaper articles etc. You are expected to use at least 8 references from credible sources to complete this work. Please note it is more important to use quality sources and integrate them well into you argument than to use a particular number.

International Business Environment Assignment – Australia

International Business Environment Assignment - Australia

As with all academic writing you must be careful with how you present other people’s ideas or paraphrase their key meanings.UniSA’s Harvard referencing Guide will help you with proper acknowledgement of the sources.

Preparing the Proposal
Please note that all components, including products and brands of Haigh’s as well as any other website and material you may use for BUSS 3107 International Business Environment are protected by trademarks
and copyright laws and regulations. Ensure that all material used is referenced correctly.

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