Incident Memo Collective Bargaining Assessment – Australia.

Unit Title :- Incident Memo Collective Bargaining
Assignment Type :- Assessment
Collective Bargaining :-
Management is preparing to meet with Workers Local 54 the union that represents Level 1 employees at your company. The CEO has asked for you to make recommendations on the most important issues that need to be addressed in the upcoming contract negotiations. While all the choices may be desirable from the workers’ perspective, budget limitations and resource constraints prevent the company from doing everything in the list. You need to evaluate your company’s situation, and recommend focusing on those issues that will prove most beneficial to both labor and management.
Incident Memo Collective Bargaining Assessment- Australia.

Incident Memo Collective Bargaining Assessment  - Australia.

1.Wage increase :- While the union is pressing for higher wages, you need to consider current Level 1 pay relative to industry average worker productivity and budget constraints. Choosing this option means that you recommend a wage increase for Level 1 workers.

2. Increased benefits: Employees consider their benefits package an important part of their compensation. You must consider current benefits relative to other companies as well as the significant impact an increase would have on the budget and unit costs. Also keep in mind that increasing benefits will affect all workers not just Level 1 employees.

Choosing this option indicates that you recommend increasing benefits for all employees.

3.Job protection: The union is asking for assurance that the company will not layoff Level 1 employees in a downturn or replace them with non-union workers, such as part-timers. Agreeing to this means that reductions to Level 1 workforce would have to come through attrition not layoffs. If production remains high there could be no cost to the company while employees may be more productive without the worry of being laid off.

4.Better training: Workers think management should be putting more effort into training Level 1 employees. The union says spending on employee development and safety training would benefit the company by improving productivity. You will need to consider current levels of training and budget constraints. Choosing this option means you recommend increases in training.

5.Limiting over time: You must pay overtime to employees who work more than 40 hours a week but cannot require employees to work more than 80 hours in a week. The union wants to reduce the upper limit to 60 hours for Level 1 employees. Agreeing to the new limit means that under some circumstances you may have to hire more employees instead of requiring your Level 1 workers to work overtime to meet production quotas.

Select zero or more options for your recommendation. Note that your choices here will have no impact on your current decisions.

  1. Wage increase.
  2. Increased benefits.
  3. Job protection.
  4. Better training.
  5. Limit overtime.

Task for assignment paper.
Your memo: three paragraphs which effectively get needed information across: Introduction Body and
Conclusion. Should not exceed one page – your CEO is unbelievably busy!

Introduction: Briefly introduce why you are writing (and the importance of your memo) what needs to be attended to, and which actions you are recommending must be taken.

Body: Make your main points briefly and concisely. What are the benefits of what you are suggesting?

Conclusion: Wrap up/summarize (without repeating), provide links for any needed information or training and offer your support and contact details as you sign off (with your signature).

Briefly describe what challenge the incident presents to the organization i.e. the problem incident recommendations to address the problem incident (i.e., the proposed incident decision); and the justification rationale of the decision based on the goals and established strategies AND any HR related course from HR academic program or any secondary research data to support the decision. Use APA standards for in-text citations and referencing. Memos should be typed in Times New Roman 12-point font single spaced with 1-inch margins.

Incident Memo Collective Bargaining Assessment – Australia.

The incident responses will be graded based on: (1) the extent to which the response represents a good
understanding of the incident and the challenge it presents to HR and the organization (2) the quality of
the rationale provided for your incident decision.

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