ICT703 Network Technology and Management Assignment-Sunshine Coast University Australia

Instruction to students: This is an individual assignment.

Task: ICT703 Network Technology and Management Assignment

ICT703 Network Technology and Management

You have obtained a contract position at a small marketing and advertising firm called the Colour Ability Corporation (CAC). Your contract responsibilities are to help them plan their emerging networking and communications requirements and update their IT resources. CAC currently hires 80 employees and operates from Level 10 and 11 on the X Tower in Brisbane CBD. CAC has recently purchased a four-story building in a Brisbane suburb where they can allocate a separate floor to each of their four departments, i.e., (1) marketing, (2) advertising, (3) design and photography, and (4) HR and accounting. They plan to move to their new office in three months.

Part 1: Gather System Requirements.
CAC has provided a written summary containing floor plans for  their Brisbane and Sydney offices, and notes from a verbal interview with the management team. Gather as much information as possible from these two sources to help you plan a technical solution for CAC’s networking and communications requirements.

Step 1: Review available information.
CAC Information: Because CAC is a small size business, it has no IT department. Everyone has taken care of their own resources in the Brisbane office. If they could not fix the problem, they would call in an outside service technician. Currently, the machines are connected together through fourteen (14) 10/100Mb switches (with 10 ports each). Employees work with older PC tower computers with 2 Gb of memory, a 250 Gb hard drive, and 7 USB ports. The  processors are AMD Athlon 64 x2 dual core processor and a CD/DVD read/write drives. Additionally, graphics production editors (team of 10 employees in Brisbane) utilize PCs with 8 GB of memory and 500 Gb hard drive to run special editing software that uses very high-resolution graphics.

ICT703_Network Technology and Management

Step 2: Interview with the Management.
Below are the notes collected during an interview session with the management team.

• CAC employees need access to email, which they currently get from their ISP. The email system that the ISP provide uses a web client that CAC employees can access over the Internet. CAC employees are also able to access this email from their home computers.

• CAC want to be able to set up email accounts for employees to use while they are working with them.

• It is necessary for managers and employees to share files between themselves. These files are usually spreadsheets and documents, but sometimes, they must send large film files back and forth between the mobile workers and the office. Files must be available for download during the day, and also at night, when employees are away from the office. These film files are usually between 5 GB and 20 GB in size

ICT703_Network_Technology and Management

Step 3: ICT703 Network Technology and Management Assignment-Sunshine Coast University Australia

Select the appropriate services and equipment.
After you have gathered all the appropriate information, it is time to do some research. You must now use your knowledge and research skills to propose an appropriate technical solution for their limited budget and time requirements. Proposing a solution that is beyond the financial capabilities of the company is of no benefit. However, it can be helpful to propose a solution within the current budget, and offer suggestions that would improve network performance or productivity if additional funding becomes available. If you can justify these extra expenditures, the company may consider them for later implementation or may even find the extra funding needed.

Activity 1
Use the following form to develop a proposed computer system for each of the specific uses, i.e., general use, graphics production and film production. Search the Internet or local sources for availability and pricing information. Use the same form to propose a server that can support their email and FTP requirements.

Activity 2
Using the Internet and locally available resources, select a high-speed, color copier/printer for the CAC offices. Provide supporting details to justify your selection.

Activity 3
Demonstrate a network layout for CAC requirements – you can use Figure 3 as the starting point. Because the company has limited funds available for this project, it is important that where possible
only equipment designed for the small business and home markets be used. Provide supporting details to justify your selection of each equipment type, e.g., access points, switches and routers.

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